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Start-up is a business that is an experiment. Such an experiment can be carried out by trial and error or in accordance with a clear strategy and methodology. A start-up can also rely on all possible strategies and unlimited opportunities offered nowadays by the Internet – a global network which enables you access to a great deal of prospective customers.

Do you have to stand out?

A start-up stands out by definition. It is an innovative business whose method of operation should deviate from the usual patterns. Where can you find the most innovative approach to business? On the Internet, of course. Although online businesses are already very popular and almost every company presents its offer on its own website, it is the network that offers the greatest opportunities.

It is because the Internet has one basic and the biggest advantage – opportunities to reach your target group are virtually limitless. With your website, as long as your run it wisely, you can reach people from all over the world. Currently, nearly 4 billion people have access to the Internet. This huge group of people definitely includes also customers of your start-up. But what should you do to not only reach them, but also make them interested in your offer? There are certain conditions that must be met to come into contact with people who have completely different culture from yours.

The largest customer base worldwide

If you want to run an online business, you should first assess your target groups. You can spend lots of money on promotion and reach many people, but they will not choose the offer of your start-up. The Internet is like a big ocean in which you have to catch only the smallest fish – these will be your customers.

You can conduct research or even commission an assessment of target groups for your product or service. If your business is innovative, it’s worth finding out in which parts of the world your brand’s success is most likely. Once you have found out where people that may be interested in your offer live, you have to attract their attention. For example, knowing that 83% of Polish start-ups sell their products and services to other companies, you can choose a site like LinkedIn as a source of your prospective customers.

There is no better way to make your offer more attractive than by adapting it to the cultural needs of the audience. This way, it becomes fully comprehensible so it makes the most of its potential. What is best assimilable for all of us is our native language.

Localize yourself!

By translating your website or application into the target language, you can be sure that what you want to convey to potential customers is completely clear to them. Unfortunately, mere translation is not enough. Your website or application must also be properly localized. This means that they must not only communicate the content of the message, but also arouse relevant emotions.

To achieve this, the content of your offer should be localized. This is an innovative approach to intercultural communication, which helps reach people with different cultural background. Words do not express only their meaning, but also a certain emotional charge and cultural context. Translated but not localized content may, unfortunately, fail to serve its role.

This applies also to the graphic layer. Languages differ in length or form of writing (e.g. vertically or from the right). Such language features have an impact on the site’s layout.

Why for start-ups?

Localization is particularly important for start-ups because it significantly increases the accuracy and value of marketing activities. A business that experiments with its product or service cannot make mistakes in the communication layer. This is a very important determinant of your project’s success. As a star-up owner, you should eliminate any unnecessary complications. Localization will help you ensure the highest level of communication with foreign customers.

There are even studies that show that as the Internet users, we are much more likely to buy something in a store whose site is translated into our mother tongue. If the site is translated into the language of a given country, 9 out of 10 people will choose this option. What is more, over 70% of respondents admit that they are more likely to buy products described in their mother tongue. We can understand then the whole content and it is easier for us to trust the store and make a decision as a result of which we spend our money.

I will buy eagerly, ‘cause I know where I am

This is how a person who goes to a localized website feels. And this makes them navigate freely through it and understand every message. Different countries and different corners of the world have their current trends in designing the appearance of websites and applications. The more you adapt your marketing content to the cultural customs of a given region, the more you will increase the likelihood of your success.

If you focus on communication and winning customers on the Internet, it is important to remember not only about translation and localization of the content. Full localization of a website designed for selling includes also SEO. Search Engine Optimization, i.e. positioning of the website in search engines, should also be localized. You should take action to increase the visibility of your site on the Internet by localizing also content marketing activities. This involves translation and localization of articles you publish on the Internet. If it is relevant in your industry, it is also worth considering localization of your profiles in social media, but you should make such decisions consciously. In one country, you can boost your sales in this way, while in another one, something completely different may work better.

Experimenting means searching and asking

A website and applications are perfect environment for a start-up. Not only does it help you reach a great deal of prospective customers, but it is also flexible, because you can easily and quickly introduce necessary changes and modifications and correct errors. You can try out different solutions at low cost and operate in multiple areas simultaneously.

If you are just starting your adventure with foreign customers, choose one or two languages that, as shown by your research, will most likely work. Learn and cooperate with a translation agency, and together you will develop the best strategy for communication on the Internet and much more.


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