Case Study: E-commerce Localization

The Ellos Group is a leading e-commerce group based in the Nordics with over 550 employees and over SEK 3.2 billion in sales. The group includes four fashion and home décor brands: Ellos, Jotex, Stayhard, and Homeroom.

Ellos’s presence across the Nordics region creates the need for a localized e-commerce experience for each of the Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, and Finnish markets.

This need for a reliable, scalable e-commerce localization solution brought them to Summa Linguae Technologies.

The Challenge: Localizing Products and Marketing in Real Time

Ellos needed to localize their e-commerce site for all of the Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, and Finnish markets. E-commerce companies like Ellos have a unique translation challenge, as they have potentially thousands of new products going live on their websites every day. Any delay in translation means a delay in online sales.

E-commerce websites also have diverse types of content. Not only do they have product text and descriptions, they also have images, marketing content, and other site elements that require translation.

Given Ellos’ diverse translation needs, we came up with two separate processes: one for the product text and one for other content.

Our Approach: Agility and Rapid Response

Our approach to localizing Ellos’ e-commerce site needed to be extremely agile.

We set up a system by which we receive files for product text translation twice a day. This includes product descriptions from Ellos’s own brands, plus the other 700 external brands carried by their online stores. These files are automatically analyzed by our translation platform. After the translation is done, the files are delivered to Ellos’s CMS and published live to the website with minimal human intervention.

We also developed a separate process for ordering translation of other website content. As there are many employees ordering translation at Ellos, we created a dedicated, customized web-based form with their most popular requests. This form also connects to our translation platform, which allows the finalized content to be imported automatically.


The Result: Seamless Product and Copy Translation

Working collaboratively with Ellos, we were able to create a system that allows products and marketing copy to localized and translated almost in real time. This keeps the many regional ecommerce sites up to date and allows Ellos to get to market quickly in every market.


new products a day


e-commerce brands


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Marketing Production Manager at Ellos

“Ellos publishes an average of 150 new products on a daily basis for our own 4 brands and over 700 other brands that complement our own collections. The combination of Summa Linguae’s automized translation solutions and specialized translator teams allows our customers to find product information in their own language the minute the products are available.”

Our Custom E-commerce Localization Solutions

Summa Linguae Technologies provides e-commerce localization solutions for global brands. We combine linguistic expertise and technological solutions to create highly efficient localization solutions that get your products to market as fast as possible.

We create cost savings through custom-tailored translation solutions that integrate directly with your product inventory management system. And we ensure quality with tried and tested quality assurance processes.

To learn more about our e-commerce localization solutions, contact us today.

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