Summa Linguae Technologies Acquires Datamundi

Last Updated December 15, 2021

Summa Linguae Technologies is proud to announce the acquisition of Datamundi to strengthen our data solutions offering.

Founded in 2007 in Belgium, Datamundi has been at the leading edge of creating and enriching language data for linguistic research institutes and global natural language processing (NLP) system builders.

Their focus is on enhancing machine translation and chatbots.

Gert Van Assche, Managing Partner at Datamundi, says the acquisition is a natural fit.

Gert Van Assche

Managing Partner, Datamundi

We contacted Summa Linguae in 2021 about our exit process. Out of all the companies we spoke to, Summa Linguae was the obvious choice. Our areas of expertise interlock nicely with theirs.

Krzysztof Zdanowski, CEO at Summa Linguae, adds Datamundi’s specializations perfectly complements the company’s current aims.

Krzysztof Zdanowski CEO Summa Linguae Krzysztof Zdanowski,

CEO, Summa Linguae Technologies

Datamundi complements our current data solutions offering by enhancing the range of services we can offer our clients, and adding a deeper data science capability to address emerging challenges in the space. Our existing focus on voice and image data will be expanded by Datamundi’s top notch expertise in the NLP space, a growing focus of the industry.

It was also very important for us to partner with Datamundi’s founder Gert Van Assche.

He is a renowned industry veteran, and Krzysztof Zdanowski added Summa Lingaue is very much looking forward to welcoming Gert as CTO. His willingness to join our team in the CTO capacity was an important factor in this decision.

Since 2017, Summa Linguae has been focused on developing data solutions. Following this acquisition, over 70% of Summa Linguae’s revenue will come from non-localization work, almost entirely with US based clients.

Benefits of this acquisition include:

  • Expertise in NLP
  • Addition of Datamundi’s in-house text annotation software platform
  • Integration of Datamundi’s “intelligent” portal to give clear job instructions to more than a thousand linguists doing specialized, hands-on work
  • Added expertise in helping with each step of the NLP production chain: data discovery and collection, text selection and cleaning, test set creation and validation of the NLP output.

For more information on how the acquisition will affect current customers, please click here.

About Summa Linguae Technologies: Our expertise is in speech data collection solutions. We can take on any scope of project; from building a natural language corpus, to managing in-field data collection, transcription, and semantic analysis. Using Summa Linguae’s custom-built multilingual data management platform, our clients access their data and the associated metadata quickly and efficiently through an easy-to-use API.

About Datamundi: Since 2016, Datamundi has been creating and enriching language data for linguistic research institutes and global NLP system builders. Their focus is on machine translation and communication bots. Their team of dedicated project managers has grown a lot in 2021. For more information, visit

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