Introducing Summa Studio

Last Updated April 25, 2022

Summa Linguae Technologies is proud to announce the launch of Summa Studio, our all-in-one multilingual content platform.

Summa Studio is the most flexible translation and localization platform. To save you time and money, we can tailor the workflow to your needs, and you control all your products in one place.

Connect your content management system, product information management solution, or enterprise resource planning tool directly to the app.

Upload new pages or product listings automatically to the platform for us to translate. Then, we upload those translations back to your CMS.

You can plan, get quotes, or order translations right from the app. This greatly increasing ease of workflow and reducing time to market.

Lea Backhurst

Managing Director, Nordics

Summa Studio allows you to design separate content workflows for each market and each category, whether you need human translations, machine translation or content creation. New products are uploaded automatically to the platform and your content creators don’t even have to know it's there.

How Summa Studio Works

Summa Studio automizes the translation of website and product information directly to your CMS or PIM.

In the implementation process, we work closely together with you and your technical partner to specify what information is required for the integration.

From there, export and import of product information is automatic and filtering is based on product, category, or language.

The most stable solution is to separate the file transfer from your system to avoid versioning issues and queue handling. The headless approach means that no user interface needs updating when your e-commerce system, OS or local framework is upgraded or changed.

The Summa Linguae global delivery model is supported by translation management systems unification through Plunet and global Data Warehouse implementation.

There are two ways to utilize machine translation in Summa Studio.

The first is to copy-and-paste paragraphs (of up to approximately 5000 words) into the app. Choose your source language, your target language, and then click the “Get translation” button.

The other way to use machine translation is to drag and drop documents directly into the app. There are no word limits using this method.

All the while, you keep an eye on your orders with the planner located in the app’s dashboard.

Feature overview:

  • Control your projects in one place
  • Plan a project, create your go-to templates
  • Request a quick estimation, a full quote, or order the translation
  • Check your transaction logs
  • Search within your translation memories
  • Customize your dashboard

Let Summa Studio Work for You

Summa Linguae has a vision for language that centers around multilingual data as the asset to transform how translation occurs.

“Data driven” is an important value for Summa Linguae. The power of data can be unleashed on your content workflows only if data can be analyzed and visualized.

To facilitate this data driven approach, we embarked on the Data Warehouse project that would let us create visualizations in Power BI. That enables our leaders to make strategic and important data driven decisions.

In addition, the Data Warehouse is also used to automate data flows between various software systems.

By leveraging data, automation, and human expertise, Summa Linguae builds language solutions that help you do more for less.

Our data and localization solutions are highly adaptable to your needs and requirements.

We are often recognized by clients for our extremely versatile and unconventional thinking. We are innovation-focused and don’t shy away from a challenge. This is what helps us build lasting partnerships and solutions that grow with your business.

Download the whitepaper to see what Summa Studio can do for you.

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