Natural Language Processing Services

All of our customers create AI systems, most of them create multilingual NLP systems. They all want their researchers to focus on innovation, so they outsource the labor intensive data work to us.

Our team of linguists and subject matter experts can boost your AI with clean data for machine learning and evaluations of produced output.

We specialize in data for NLP applications like machine translation, speech bots, and classification and search systems. We customize solutions to deliver optimized training and testing datasets.

Our global freelancer team can take on image and speech work as well, especially if there’s a language component to it. We support more than 80 languages and over 200 different language pairs.

We are always looking for skilled freelancers with a passion for language, technology, quality and data.

Tell us your needs and we will develop unique tools, engage the right people, and find the optimal solutions to match them.

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Premium Services

We like to think of our team as an haute couture data factory.

Unlike other, maybe cheaper solutions, every customer need is closely taken care of by our team.

Data Science team instructions are transformed into carefully explained guidelines to the freelancers, small pilots are put in place before the large projects unroll, freelancer work is carefully checked by our inside and outside QA teams at all stages, and the portal is constantly updated by our developers to accommodate the exact project needs.

What comes out of it is a data “suit” tailored on the very customer measures, while also using fair trade in the making.

Our Multilingual AI Services

We don’t have tools for every task imaginable, but on our production platform, and thanks to our ingenious developers, we can make new tools faster than anyone else.

Tell us your needs and we will develop unique tools, engage the right people, and find the optimal solutions to match them.

Evaluations for Machine Learning and Large Language Models

Contrastive evaluation of LLM output and MT, prompt creation, translation and testing in various languages.

Large Language Model Fine-Tuning

Validation of sources, annotation for sensitive content, data creation and summarization, QA.

Human Assisted Data collection

Collecting and generating data in more than 100 languages, creating golden sets, document collection and creation.

Data Analysis and Fixing

Analysing large training datasets, and detecting patterns that cause issues. Supporting low-density languages and managing domain-specific limitations.

Annotation Services

Annotating, labelling, tagging, and enriching datasets.

AI Tools

Creation of AI filters, RAG, QA systems, creation of comparable LLM output


Customizable Services

  • Multilingual and Guaranteed Human Translation
  • MT Quality Evaluation
  • Human-made text data for NLP systems
  • Image collection
  • Speech and audio data collection
  • Human assisted synthetic data creation
  • Policy compliancy redaction
  • Brand protection
  • Text annotation
  • Image annotation
  • Audio annotation
  • Specialized linguistic services

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Krzysztof Zdanowski CEO Summa Linguae Krzysztof Zdanowski

CEO, Summa Linguae Technologies

The Datamundi team complements our current data solutions offering by enhancing the range of services we can offer our clients, and adding a deeper data science capability to address emerging challenges in the space. Our existing focus on voice and image data is expanded by top notch expertise in the NLP space, a growing focus of the industry.

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