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Your speech solution depends on high-quality transcription. We provide multilingual speech transcription services to help you create remarkable human experiences.

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Flexible Formats

Enjoy flexible transcription solutions for live speech recordings, phone conversations, or customer service calls.

Fast Turnaround Times

Accelerate your transcription process thanks to our scalable solutions.

Any Language

Bring your project to a global scale using our multilingual crowd of speech transcribers.

Speech Transcription for AI

Speech data transcription is used to train and validate voice recognition algorithms on a variety of applications—from voice assistants to customer service bots.

The speech data we transcribe typically comes in the form of interviews, customer service calls, wake word recordings, phone calls, or interactions with a smart assistant.

We can either transcribe audio or video files you’ve provided, or we can offer an end-to-end solution where we collect speech data and deliver it to you transcribed to text.

Customizable Transcription Services

Summa Linguae creates and executes a strategy to ensure that all speech data collection, labeling, annotation, and transcription fits the specifications of your project.

If you need help collecting audio, speech data can be collected locally or abroad to provide full coverage of all the little differences in speech.

Customized data transcriptions provided by Summa Linguae have unique identifiers, a consistent layout, and are available in any language. Whether you provide your own dataset or have us collect the data for you, our team will provide you with the most fitting solution to bring your speech recognition technology to the market.

Need transcribed audio files? Just tell us about your project to get started.

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Martin Sander

Manager of Research Data, Nuance Communications

Summa Linguae Technologies has provided exceptional services to the Data Collection team at Nuance Communications, Inc. They have supervised large scale data collection simultaneously in three different countries, consistently delivering quality data on or ahead of schedule. And this was done twice in short order – in Europe and in Asia. Our continuing relationship with Summa Linguae is a great asset to the company.

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