Video & Image Data Collection

Your AI-powered product is unique — we collect the custom images and videos you need to train it.

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High-quality data

We can collect images and videos to match any specifications

People included

Gestural and facial tracking data for advanced sentiment analysis—for any demographic

Easy, secure data management

Access your data on an easy-to-use and highly secure data management platform

Any subject. Any scenario.

From tracking human interactions, to collecting car license plates, to watching an audience for signs of unhappiness — video contains the most useful and important data for companies today.

Our approach to collecting custom image and video data makes use of our experience with unique scenario setups and dynamic project management, as well as our base of annotation experts for gestural and facial tagging.

Scalable Collection Solutions

We provide end-to-end, comprehensive solutions, including handwriting analysis, entity tracking, and object recognition. Our experts build the custom tools needed to properly collect video and image content for all kinds of specifications and situations—both remotely or in the field.

Whether you have a one-time project or need to collect data on an ongoing basis, our experienced project managers ensure that the whole process runs smoothly.

Ready to start collecting image or video data? Just let us know what you need.

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Image & Video Data Use Cases

Algorithms used for computer vision, such as products that find human figures in security footage, need to be trained with carefully collected and segmented data in order to ensure unbiased results. The same applies to image analysis services that identify emotion in human faces, for example in the consumer market space, or for computer vision that rates industrial products as they go by on a conveyor belt.

And the possibilities are only growing — talk to us about how we can help you develop your product with the high quality data you need.

Download Our Sample Image & Video Data Sets

Download our free image and video data sample sets to see if our data solutions are a fit for your product.

Martin Sander

Manager of Research Data, Nuance Communications

Summa Linguae Technologies has provided exceptional services to the Data Collection team at Nuance Communications, Inc. They have supervised large scale data collection simultaneously in three different countries, consistently delivering quality data on or ahead of schedule. And this was done twice in short order – in Europe and in Asia. Our continuing relationship with Summa Linguae is a great asset to the company.

What type of visual data do you need?

Tell us about your project and we’ll tailor a data collection plan to your exact needs.

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