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Last Updated October 31, 2019

We see an increasing amount of e-commerce for B2B retail companies rethinking their online go-to-market models. When the customer journey is controlled from search to store-in-store design, global synergies and brand control becomes a challenge.

While the online store-in-store allows you to try a new market without investing in the localization of your web shop, you may still need your website to tell your story and build your campaigns.

According to Common Sense Advisory, by communicating in English, you only reach 36.5% of your potential global customers, while translation of product descriptions into 11 languages can attract 88% of all Internet users.

However, you do not have to translate the content of your store into so many languages. English, Chinese, Japanese and Hindi are enough to reach one half of all global recipients.

One size will not fit all

The monolith content management systems, with integrated product information management, business logics and presentation, have proven to be expensive and inflexible in a global multifaceted environment.

In an increasingly complex business eco-system you need to choose best-of-breed solutions to remain agile.

Headless or multiheaded processes focus on the content but offer flexibility in your selection of platforms.

The Summa Linguae Technologies content connector automizes the translation of web, product information and SEO. It also allows you to choose your CMS, PIM, CRM or ERP solutions. We carefully implement and adapt the connector to your system environment to seamlessly fit into your content creation processes.

What your product information managers need to know about translation? Absolutely nothing!

The connector works in the background, So, your content creators do not need to worry about translations. In fact, they don’t even see it happening.

In the implementation process, we work closely together with you and your technical partner to specify what information you require for the integration.

Export and import of product information is automatic and filtering is based on product, category or language.

We find that the most stable solution is to separate the file transfer from your system. In that way, you avoid versioning issues and queue handling. A headless approach means that no user interface needs updating when your e-commerce system, OS or local framework is upgraded or changed.

Think small and do it together

Translation of product descriptions, marketing content, labels, manuals, contact forms, regulations and other legal documents should be done by different translators with relevant experience. Further, the localization of source code, mobile application or video tutorials is the next step on the way to a perfectly localized and translated online store.

The headless approach allows you to start small and test your ideas. No need to create a complex strategy, make huge investments or create an ROI case. Make sure to pick an agreeable and flexible partner, choose your market and run a pilot.

B2B behaviour closely follows B2C. You need to speak the language of your clients and meet them on the marketplace of their choice. Summa Linguae Technologies helps you to communicate with your customers and expand your business globally.

Learn how to make your e-commerce website local everywhere.

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