The Big Guide to Data Collection

Building an emerging technology powered by machine learning? You’ll need high-quality data to train and test your solution.

This guide covers the ins and outs of speech, image, and video data collection to show you exactly what it takes to execute a data collection project from start to finish.


Data can be found all around you, but not all of it can be used for emerging technologies. Machine learning to train artificial intelligence, voice recognition devices, and computer vision technologies all tap into the massive potential behind data.

This guide serves as a resource to equip you and your team with the knowledge to develop and write groundbreaking ideas. Break the mold and start your data collection process as soon as possible.

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What You'll Learn

Below are the key principles that can be learned in The Big Guide to Data Collection for Emerging Technologies:

  • Why you would need to collect data
  • Types of data you can collect
  • Different data collection methods
  • Building your own data collection process
  • Creating a data collection team
  • How to validate that the collected data works

Download this eBook to learn how data scientists, developers, and engineers can begin to leverage the power of our world’s data. Become the data collection expert your team needs.

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Download the Big Guide to Data Collection to learn what it takes to collect data for your solution.

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