Growing Need for Medical Interpreters in India

Last Updated October 3, 2019

As India is a multilingual country, interpretation in the field of medicine is a roaring business. Every day the demand for medical interpreters in India is increasing and this has greatly enhanced the conduct of business in the  field. In India, medical interpreters are extremely dedicated to making sure that patients understand their situations in order to make informed decisions.

Medical interpreters ensure language is not a barrier to high-quality health care:

India is a multi-lingual country and the state-of-the-art medical services in India, bring in patients seeking medical care from across borders. Medical interpreters in India assist non-English speakers for communicating with care givers in different treatments. They interpreters offer language services to non-English speaking patients to support them communicate with nurses, doctors, and medical staff. Fluency in minimum two languages is the crucial requirement for this field, and several interpreters complete official post secondary education in this field as well. Through a competent medical interpreter in the country, both patients as well as providers, gain assistance from clear communication.

They meet legal requirements:

Apart from ensuring that patients get proper health care irrespective of the language they speak, the utilization of trained  interpreters allows health care providers to conform to anti-discrimination laws. The Indian federal government needs healthcare services that gain federal funds to satisfy precise medical interpreting standards:

  1. Offer language-accessible services to all patients
  2. Decide the language needs of potential patients at the earliest possible prospect
  3. Use of only trained interpreters
  4. Guarantee 24-hour accessibility of trained interpreters

Need for medical interpreters due to the accelerating growth in the  sector:

In most cases, it isn’t until the medical interpreter is present that the care team was capable of gaining precise information regarding the medical history of a patient. Medical interpreters in India are in need because of imperative medical and legal needs that are growing every day. Indian medical business has been rising beyond borders and free movement of individuals to and from this country has increased. This certainly implies more demand for language services in this sector. In today’s scenario, medical care offered to a patient is highly dependent on medical interpreters, without whom patients and doctors will not be able to function effectively.

Medical Interpreters possess the potential for improvements in India:

Medical interpreters strive to fill in the gaps and ensure proper communication between patients, care givers and other involved parties.The presence of medical interpreters helps improve:

  1. Quality of health care
  2. Access to health care
  3. Cost reductions
  4. Compliance with anti-discrimination laws
  5. Patient health outcomes

All the above stated medical interpreting standards are fulfilled at their best by the medical interpreters in India. This is because they possess an in-depth knowledge and awareness of key medical terms used commonly.

Today, medical interpreters in India are a boon as they serve the increasing need of the service in this field. As the field is growing every day, for reduction of language barrier problems, legal requirements issues, etc. suggest their growing need in the country.

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