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Band-aids Don’t Fix Localization Challenges

How a major athletic apparel company made a bold move to reinvent its localization approach – and solved for scalability in the process.

In this case study, you’ll learn how Summa Linguae helped a major brand streamline and simplify localization activities by:

  1. Centralizing language activities
  2. Connecting the right skills sets
  3. Leveraging data to make better decisions

The results? Faster speed to market and the ability to scale new initiatives. See how they did it.

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Leading the Language Revolution

In an industry long overdue for change, Summa Linguae has reinvented how multilingual communications are created. With data, automation, and human expertise, we build language solutions that help you do more for less – realizing cost savings and greater efficiency with fewer human touch points.

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Provable ROI

We deliver business results you can prove – helping you measure your return on investment through customizable dashboards that provide cumulative value to your business.

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Market-Certified Quality

“Technically correct” translation isn’t good enough. Your words matter, which is why we vet and test your content with your target market to ensure your message truly hits the mark.

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Global Business Growth

We’re more than a language services provider. We’re a strategic partner for taking your business to the next level of globalization by powering relevant, targeted communication that creates a powerful competitive advantage.

In our clients’ words

Henrik Ström
"Ellos publishes an average of 150 new products on a daily basis for our own four brands and over 700 other brands that complement our own collections. The combination of Summa Linguae’s automized translation solutions and specialized translator teams allows our customers to find product information in their own language the minute the products are available."
Henrik Ström
Marketing Production Manager, Ellos Group

Faster speed to market and the ability to scale new initiatives.
See how they did it.

About Summa Linguae Technologies

We empower organizations to communicate with diverse global audiences more effectively and efficiently than ever before thanks to our innovative multilingual content solutions. We’ve reinvented how multilingual content is created—leveraging an innovative combination of data, automation, and human expertise.


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