Japanese Business Communication Errors: Why Professional Translation Matters

Last Updated December 10, 2020

When a foreign movie enters the national boundary of a country, it transforms into a product which matches the language spoken on the streets and in homes. Likewise, when a business transcends boundaries, the same process takes place and it gets transformed, but the only difference is that it either becomes a linguistic mess or a people’s product. This difference is created by the translation company hired by the concerned client. The translation agency holds the key to success of the brand through its translation services or interpreter services.

Marketing your product and services in a given geographical area is not a tedious task. Moving it, however, on a global scale requires professional translation services that not only translate the words, documents, and website etc. but also localize the content to ensure that it fits in the culture and hits the target audience. For example, launching a game in Japan requires the assistance of Japanese translators or a translation agency which can do it professionally. After all, the reputation of the business, product, and services depend on the way it is served to the audience after being translated.

The world being an open stage for your business to play its apt role may fall flat on the surface if the comedy of errors enters the main stage a.k.a. loose translation, on a global platform. The simple two-word slogan ‘Got Milk?’ campaign turned into ‘Are You Lactating?’ in Spanish, General Motors’ ‘No Va’ became ‘It Doesn’t Go’ in South America- a message that they definitely didn’t want to spread. Pepsi’s campaign ‘Come Alive with the Pepsi Generation’ learnt a big mistake when in China the translation said, ‘Pepsi Brings Your Ancestors Back from the Grave’. One of the biggest blunders created by the Japanese translator was with Kagome, one of the largest producers of vegetable and fruit drinks in Japan which sounded like ‘I Just Pooped in my Pants’ in Portuguese. These and many examples of advertisement and marketing gone wrong simply say one story: the need for a translation agency that can help interpret the brand, product, and services to the audience in the right way.

The instances of interpreter services providers misinterpreting and delivering the wrong communication have caused chaos in the business world to the extent that there have been legal notices and lawsuits filed against the companies in foreign lands. Many examples are flooded in the market where corporate, businesses and brands have made a fool of themselves by ignoring the simple need of hiring professional translation services that are available on one click. Investing in a qualified translation service agency even to convert the tagline is a worthwhile investment. The efforts put in by the able translators will, in turn, help a business acquire a greater audience, web traffic, sales, revenue, and monetary returns when opened to a larger audience in the global market.

Before a business embarks upon the journey of finding the translation service that serves the purpose justly, it needs to consider a number of factors; the portfolio of the service provider, the testimonials of the satisfied customers that speak about the credibility. Also look out for the professional qualifications and expertise of the translators to eventually get the best translation results. After all, the comedy of errors should be best reserved for films and not in your business or marketing plans.

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