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It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. In the case of technical or specialist translation, this may actually be the case. A comprehensive translation service does not only consist of translation and revision or editing. It also involves preparation for publication/print. DTP is most often required for technical or marketing translations, although not only.

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In addition to translation, you also need DTP

Translation of technical specifications, maps, drawings, manuals or marketing materials cannot be limited to the translation of words. In such industries, image is just as important as the text and should therefore also be “translated.”

In the case of a marketing message, image plays a persuasive role – it is supposed to evoke relevant emotions and encourage the customer to buy a product. Considering that graphics may be received differently depending on the country, it is advisable to contact a translation agency that offers graphic services. This would guarantee that both language and image are compatible in all cultures.

In technical documents, drawings and illustrations are crucial for the correct interpretation of the message. They must therefore be adapted to the new language – one matter of fundamental concern is the conversion of measurement units (e.g. distances on maps) or number formats. The DTP department will also prepare such materials for translation and guarantee their correct format after the translation is completed.

What exactly is desktop publishing service?

DTP experts work on files which, in addition to language translation, require graphic intervention in order for their layout to remain unchanged; files that require a different alphabet; or files for which the characteristics of the target market simply require a change in layout.

DTP consists of:

  • maintaining the original layout of the document after translation,
  • adjusting the layout to the new language of the document,
  • completely changing the layout,
  • converting non-editable files and preparing them for translation (OCR),
  • adjusting the materials for printing or publication in the required format,
  • controlling the quality of the performed layout (typography, compatibility with source files).

DTP services, which are mainly associated with graphic design agencies, also play a part in language projects. You no longer need to find a separate supplier to prepare your material for printing. At Summa Linguae Technologies, we guarantee a comprehensive approach to the service – from translation to DTP.

When producing a translation price quote for a given file, the client is always informed of the possible need to use DTP services. This is necessary if you want to preserve the layout of a folder, book, publication or manual. Our experts will manage desktop publishing processes for files to be published both in print and online.

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