Filling the Gaps in App Translation Services

Application language translation involves changing the original language of an app to other languages without losing out on the meaning or context in the process. One can’t just replace words of the original text with new ones; care must be taken so that the translated text conveys the same meaning as the original. App translation is a great service because many businesses have been able to gain more ground and reach a broad set of audiences all over the world. The same can be said about applications developed for personal use or gain too.

The practice of translating apps is widely adopted by many people because of the significant advantages it poses. Let us face it; the main purpose of having apps is so that many people can access the services being offered by the company that developed the app. When not many people seem to download an app, the company that developed the app will have their desires cut short. Therefore, when searching for app translation services they are always on the lookout for what will make their apps gain dominance in the marketplace. When they do, their apps start to bring back the results they were supposed to generate.

Some of the advantages that come with app translation include:

  1. Increase in the download numbers of the app
  2. Increased revenue generated
  3. Gaining of dominance in the global marketplace
  4. App gains more popularity

In trying to make app translation services even better by filling the gaps that are currently present when it comes to app translation services, knowledge has played a great role. It is vital that app translation services become holistic so that the results can be even bigger than expected. There are a few areas in app translation services that will require expertise. To ensure that loopholes do not lead to faulty translation, pay attention to:


1. The layout

This refers to the text layout of the app. Always make sure that you consider all languages that you want to translate the app into, other than the English language. There are languages that will take more space than English while some may be shorter. Therefore, always consider the spacing, the right-to-left and the left-to-right support. In addition to this, know that different languages have different vertical variations. There are languages that have characters that are smaller than the Latin alphabet while there are those that are larger. Put all these factors together and analyse all of them correctly so that the languages you translate the app to are catered for. This way, you will not have any faults after the translation is done.


2. How the translation is done

An app translation services provider may either use an online translation tool or have an expert to do the translation. Hiring a person to do the translation is preferred. There are so many reasons why human translators are better than software equivalents. Reasons ranging from being able to maintain the natural flow of words, being able to use words in their right context, being creative and unique to being able to comprehend the requirements and maintaining the cultural appeal, human translators outdo software services by a mile. To ensure that the translations are done excellently, avoid software translations at all costs. Even if you can use free online translation tools, it is better to spend on what will give you the best results.


3. The vast cultural differences of every language

When the app translation services providers are working on an app, it is vital that they consider the culture of all the languages they are translating the app into. It is only when an app adheres to the cultural setting of a particular language that the people it targets can relate to it. There are things that you may want to include or you may have to omit to make the language acceptable in a particular cultural setting. Translation involves not only the language used, but also the other available resources like images. Avoid religious images or words that may stir up controversies or even colour combinations or some animals. When an app translation is attempted, it is vital that a background study of a language is done. If you get one minor detail wrong when translating, it can cost you a lot. Remember, there is competition out there, and the competitor may get it right. They will have the upper hand.


4. The content and the code

It will be wise not to hard code any text or a string of text into the app directly. This way, it is going to be an easy process translating the text to other languages. It is also wise to avoid using text on images. This is because it can make the process much harder, which can be more than what you may have bargained. When you translate the text on the image, you will also be required to update the image. Imagine if you have to translate an app to a hundred languages. How tiresome can this be?


5. Avoid using assumptions of what worked last time

Every application is designed to carry out a different function. You could be in the business of app translation services for a very long time, and that has made some techniques, tips and tricks stick to your mind. To assume that what worked previously will work again just shows the lack of commitment to the project. Always refer to the developer’s guidelines. There could be something new that needs your utmost attention while translating. When you work with assumptions, you will do a poor job and live to regret it because your translation may have many problems and you could lose a good client in the process.


6. Testing

Never assume that you have done a perfect job because of the lack of errors. Testing an app after translation is very important because you will get to know what faults are present and what needs adjustments. When you are testing, watch out for:

  1. Overlapping texts
  2. Improper word breaks or poor punctuations
  3. Improper alphabets
  4. Improper layout and text directions
  5. Text that has not been translated

By watching out for all the factors mentioned above, you will have an end product that is free from faults and works perfectly. App translation services are what many app owners bank on to reach a wider audience, improve their sales and much more. Do it and do it right. This way, you can add one more faithful client to your list of satisfied clients.


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