Game Localization Companies: Importance of the Company you Keep

The video gaming industry is growing at a fast pace. Hence, to remain active with a competitive market across the globe, gaming organizations must be ready to have their computer games translated into various languages to conquer the worldwide market. Numerous studies have demonstrated that when any game is accessible in a gamer’s native language, they are probably going to buy the native version, even if they understand and speak English.

The best way to maintain a competitive edge and build up a viable presence in the present game market is with video game localization and translation and it is here that one realizes the importance of game localization company. A reliable localization company will help you build credibility, more downloads, higher rankings, and ultimately increased sales. Let’s find out how a game localization company is vital in exploring every bit of the market:

1. Helps to achieve higher rating

Gamers have the power to impact your game ranking. The absence of translation may prompt negative reviews just to demonstrate dissatisfaction. However, if the game is translated by a proficient localization company, gamers won’t encounter inaccurate translations and they start giving positive reviews. Various researchers have demonstrated that gamers will pay to download if the game is translated into the native language. By gaining higher rating, you have a higher chance of making money.

2. Easy to acquire global market

A good game localization company can help in reducing the time the final game takes to enter the global market as localized games contribute in defeating social barriers. This results in gamers who will comment and review the game in a positive way. From a business point of view, this implies gaining the upper hand by fast and adaptable means.

3. Makes gamers feel comfortable

Localization is the simplest approach to satisfy your players. With the UI experience in mind, a flawless localization attracts gamers and enables them to play their storyline in full immersion. Localization done by a good game localization company will result in a seamless story telling experience. A personal relationship is built between the gamers and developers.

4. Support continuous localization

In particular, a good localization company is incorporated with a content platform. It allows quick data flow i.e. when new game content is developed; it is immediately translated into different languages and vice-versa. There is continuous data integration. This versatility is significant in the localization procedure.

5. Increase downloads and customer base

To increase sales, you need higher downloads. To increase downloads, you have to extend the market. That can be accomplished by hiring best localization company. The return to investment ratio is also impressive if the project is done right. Professional localization reduces the hindrance for new potential clients, as localized game lowers social boundaries which can ultimately result in higher downloads.

6. Reduce translation time

If you pick a good localization company who considers translation as a part of development process, it will save time as well as cash. Simultaneous release in various languages can give you a dream game launch. The absence of multilingual support will give the game a harsh beginning, which is hard to overcome in later stages.

7. Helps to create local theme

Localization is not merely a translation; it is also adapting to local factors like color, music, food, festivals in that locale and so on. Localization is a process of learning the cultural, territorial, social environment and applying them in a meaningful manner without losing the crux of the game. You can accomplish this in your game if you employ a good localization company.

Hence, if you are planning to expand your income, market share and your client base, localization is a something you should definitely look out for upon releasing the game. Remember that localization is a joined effort between translators and gaming companies. You will never get astounding translations unless and until you choose the best localization company who understands games from a gamer’s point of view.

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