Guide to B2B content marketing. How to do it right?

Effective B2B content marketing is definitely a more difficult task than directing communication to ordinary, individual buyers of our goods or services. Where to look for knowledge on how to create effective content marketing activities for B2B clients?

According to the BuzzSumo study, in which 52.892 articles concerning business communication were analyzed, the following “golden principles” were identified. These are the rules which should be followed when creating content or content activities in the area of B2B content marketing:

1. Keep the expert quality of texts

How comprehensive, well written and accurately documented your text is, is crucial. Own research, case studies etc., namely, everything we have developed for the first time and is exclusive and genuine scores the highest marks.

Tip: for a well-written content (e.g. technical e-book), you can safely ask users to leave their email address and sign up for a newsletter. Good content should generate leads.

2. Share content on LinkedIn

This B2B platform is tailored to distribute content directed to business entities. By sharing content on this platform, you may experience viral spread of your work among the target group that is really interested in your services or business profile. A brand which is active on LinkedIn is also consistently building its expert image, which is significant when it comes to cooperation.

3. Follow the role models and create evergreens

An evergreen is content that will be anchored in organic search results for a long time, thus generating constantly qualitative website / channel traffic. Knowing the needs of your target group, find the right niche and create an article, video or infographic. It is important that the content is signed / created by an employee of your company. By using your expert’s skills or knowledge in a particular field you create the credibility of your own content.

4. Choose the right topics

Use tools such as Google Trends or BuzzSumo and respond to current events relevant to your industry. Inspire, provide valuable news and create a medium that will be attractive to your model recipients.

B2B content marketing: what content perform best?

Marketing for B2B is not only a written word but also videos, infographics, guides and case studies. According to the BuzzSumo study, videos and infographics are by far the best performing types of content. There is much higher chance of such items becoming evergreen and it is also more likely that they will be linked / recommended from external websites or shared on social media.


What content is most often shared?

The so-called success story seems to be the most celebrated – we simply boast about our achievements. The more spectacular they are, the better.

Everyone who creates B2B materials should also bear in mind that certain key words guarantee a better chance of sharing. According to the study, articles that contain the word “guide” in the title have a 10% higher chance of getting more clicks.

The research conducted by BuzzSumo shows that we can easily increase the effectiveness of our activities addressed to business clients. These seemingly easy to implement ideas can, however, be of no avail if a given article, infographic or video is “empty inside”. Business clients search for substantive materials. The most important thing is what is inside the “box” although, as far as marketing issues are concerned, the right “wrapping” is just as important.

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