The Guide to B2B Content Marketing: How to Do it Right

Last Updated January 28, 2020

Effective B2B content marketing looks substantially different than traditional B2B tactics. 

According to a BuzzSumo study, in which 52,892 articles concerning business communication were analyzed, the following “golden principles” were identified.

Here’s how to create effective content marketing activities for B2B clients.

Rules to Follow When Creating Content for B2B Marketing:

1. Create original research

Developing your own research and case studies—genuine content that’s exclusive to your organization—earns the highest marks in the B2B space.

Comprehensive, well-written, and accurate research is crucial for success.

Tip: Gated content that people actually want to read is a great way to generate leads. Exchange your high-value content (e.g. a technical e-book) for your customers’ email addresses.

2. Share content on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the best social platform for distributing content to people while they’re in a work mindset. By sharing content on LinkedIn, you are most likely to identify and reach the target group that is most interested in your services or business profile.

A brand that’s active on LinkedIn is also consistently building its expert image, which is significant when it comes to lead generation and closing sales.

3. Write evergreen, expert-level content

Your content has the potential to show up in organic search results for a long time, and is therefore a great channel for generating consistent traffic.

Start by identifying the needs of your target group and finding the right niche angle to make your business stand out. Then, create articles, videos, and infographics that speak to that customer need.

Tip: It’s important that your content has a byline from an employee of your company. By showing your content came first-hand from an expert in your field, you add credibility to your content.

4. Choose relevant and timely content

Use tools such as Google Trends or BuzzSumo to identify and respond to current events relevant to your industry.

Creating inspiring commentary or valuable news will create a medium that will be attractive to your target customers.

B2B Content Marketing: What content performs best over time?

What performs best over time between blog posts, videos, infographics, guides, and case studies?

According to the BuzzSumo study, videos and infographics are the most evergreen. That means they’re most likely to maintain their value over time.

What B2B content is most often shared?

Case studies earn the most social media shares. That’s partially because employees love sharing their achievements, but also because people like reading and sharing success stories.

Everyone who creates B2B materials should also bear in mind that certain keywords guarantee a better chance of sharing.

According to the study, articles that contain the word “guide” in the title have a 10% higher chance of getting more clicks.

Which article headlines perform best in the B2B space? According to BuzzSumo, “The Future of…” and “How to use…” articles have the most value for customers.

Elevate your B2B content

The research conducted by BuzzSumo gives us a starting ground for improving our B2B content.

These seemingly easy-to-implement ideas can, however, fall short if the content you create is “empty inside”. That’s because your clients want substance.

What’s most important for your clients is what’s inside the box.

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