Mobility for Apps – The Importance of App Translation Service

App translation service is the process of translating your app into multiple languages by simply substituting words from one language to another related context. To translate your app into the language of the market you wish to enter is 99% of the way towards making that app local. By translating your app, you are making it accessible to a global audience. This means the app can now be understood and enjoyed by a larger number of potential customers.

Smart phone and tablet apps are used all over the world. If your company has not made its apps worldwide yet, you have lost out on an important source of profit. Instead of limiting the sales of your app to your own country, you could be reaching out to an international market and making double or triple the amount of money you are making now. Not only will you obtain profits from the app, but you will also put up your name and reputation across the world. To achieve an international audience, you will first need to make sure the app is well translated.

App localization is obviously the route to the best quality product. When you distribute your app to a broader market, you will definitely observe a boost in revenue and a development in your brand’s reflection, which is invaluable. However, you may regard app translation as an intervening step towards full localization, and boost your sales in the interim without the need for expensive consultants.

The following are some of the many benefits of app translation service:
* App translation service offers visible commitment to the users worldwide:

50% of the countries in the Top 10 for downloads and revenue on the iOS App Store are non-English speaking countries from Europe and East Asia (Source: App Annie). There is no healthier proof to your loyalty to your international prospects and customers than having your app translated for them. When global customers and prospects log on to the mobile app and find it offered in their native tongue, their thinking towards your app changes. Ultimately, they start taking an interest in your app.

* App translation service creates a strong image:

A well translated app will project a strong international image essential to servicing customers both globally and locally. English to Spanish translation services for the US are becoming more popular as demographics in many states shift. For instance, Canada continues to depend on both English and French to gratify the need of Quebec’s citizens. As many new countries join the European Union and workers across companies relocate, it is necessary to address the need of different languages for new markets.

* App translation service guaranteed ROI:

Mobile app localization can seem expensive initially, especially if you want to expand to different markets. When apps are translated using the app translation service, they get more downloads. How many more downloads? A massive 125% more! Instead of rolling out one language version of your app for all markets and hoping for your app to be well received, the success of your app can be increased with localization. With an entry into the global market, unlimited sales, greater visibility and a competitive edge, ROI is guaranteed. You will be able to take your product and take on the world, making sales worldwide and extending the potential of your app. App revenue in Asia increased by 162% year-over-year (2012 to 2013), while North America’s revenue grew by 46% (Source: Distimo, Q1 2014).

Some other noticeable benefits that you get after translating your app to other languages:

  1. Increased advertising revenue
  2. Expanded base of customers and users
  3. Increased download revenue
  4. Requests for services or products in other countries (global expansion)
  5. More app downloads and more investor support
  6. More press from global media sources

All of these benefits will enhance the repute of your app in the market and lead to more money in the long run. Even if your app is not essentially something that makes sense in the target society, translation and distribution might be worth it. In many cases, users will enjoy it as long as the cultural context is translated properly. It’s time that you made your mobile app available on a global scale. With so many benefits to mobile app translation service and localization, if you have not already, it’s time to add it to your agenda today!

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