How to Play the Game: Importance of Game Localisation Services to Go Global

The concept of localization is generally considered translation from one language to another. But localization is more than just fine-tuning a translation to make it sound local. Here are few important factors of why gaming companies are considering localization a must:

1) Importance of Localization of your game.

Localization is an easy way to impress your users. Walk that extra mile and you will have followers that endorse you, as their version feels like it was specifically made for them. Today, game developers want gamers to commune themselves in the story. In the beginning, gamers followed a certain path in the game: go up, hit the cube, retrieve the flower, continue, jump, dive, swim to the next level. Whereas, now-a-days developers authorize the players by providing so many facilities in terms of categories of gaming zone and they also allow them to choose game direction for themselves, or to choose the right character with a personality that will motivate them best; especially when it comes to participating in a dialogue with the game and the characters in it. With the user experience at the forefront, a perfectly tailored localization allows them to create their own history. The more languages you cover, more and more players will get attracted towards it.

2) Strategy of Promoting your game in terms of downloads

To increase sales you need to increase downloads. To increase downloads you need to widen the market. That is achieved by localizing and this is when you reach more gamers. That is, the Return on Investment is magnificent. Almost 100% of Top 100 downloads in App Store China are in Chinese. Japan and Korea—huge game markets—also have high levels of translated games. What these Asian countries have in common is their strong preference for native languages combined with low proficiency in English. But there are big European game countries such as France, Germany, and Italy where the English proficiency is high, but they still prefer games in their native language. Let’s not forget Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico with their large game population. All these markets show why localization is important. Localization is about catching the local context in every region.

3) Sale Increment Strategy

Sure, you were once a selfless programmer dreaming about changing the world with a useful application that would change people’s lives and turn the entire industry upside down. Now you have a game and you are about to launch it. Bingo! It might not change people’s lives the way you intended. But it is fun. Maybe this game actually will change the lives of users, your life for instance, because now your game has the quality it needs to sell in the market.

Generally, basic pricing of a game is a dollar per download, which sounds good. Assume 100,000 users of your game downloaded your game in the beginning, then you can easily compare your investment while localizing and profit income earned from the users. Obviously it will increase consistently, but sometimes slow and steadily.

While gathering knowledge regarding industrial localization practices, we get to know that Industrial localisation practices could become very difficult at some stages due to the lack of consistency between companies as well as non disclosure agreements, which is mandatory to have signed by all translators who are included in the agreement.

The main motive of localization is to serve a joyful and non-complicating play experience that is easy as well as little tricky so that the end user can get attracted towards it.

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