Video Transcripts: The New Sauce in the Marketing Burger

Tap the big role that video transcript plays in video marketing and get ahead of others

Cat videos, TikTok fun, Instagram bytes. Yes, the world has moved on to videos. In a way and with a force that it is downright sloppy on the part of any marketer to ignore their impact of video marketing. Videos are what the world lives in, breathes, throbs with and captures every second.

So if SEO has been the patty of your marketing plan, then customer interactivity and outreach are the buns that keep it all together. It is now time to layer it all with a hard-to-ignore sauce that everyone is asking for-Video transcript.

Videos are now the staple of every prospect’s or customer’s online diet. It is crucial for marketers to not only incorporate them, but also leverage them properly for amplifying customer engagement and accelerating marketing momentum.

This is where video transcripts can emerge as a strong enabler, provided they have the right multilingual translation expertise behind them. With a reliable translation speed and strength, these transcripts can help marketers in countless ways:

  1. They elevate the SEO spread and footprint by assisting the video-searchability of a brand or a campaign. They also align well with specific words that increase the ease for users, researchers and other players. SEO engines cannot crawl videos, so without a well-laid out video transcript, a marketer is losing out hugely on the radar of SEO presence. Only having videos is a half-baked strategy. They have to be adequately supported with well-written scripts. That’s when they come up, that’s when they become searchable and easy to pick.
  2. The element of video captioning helps to simplify the messaging and inform customers at a new level and scale. These transcribed videos can help a brand with proximity to a broader audience. These help to take the engagement levels up many notches when they are timed strategically. 
  3. Rightly-scripted videos have proven to drive conversion rates of a website at impressive levels.
  4. Good transcripts also improve the follow-through rates and feedback numbers of the customers. This has been seen in various studies that show that search rank for web pages with video transcripts are elevated compared to the usual ones.
  5. Transcripts also aid in enabling better inbound traffic and user engagement while drawing unique visitors to the site.
  6. These transcripts boost the interactivity levels of a brand by creating conversation-points and new anchors for content engagement for the brand.
  7. Transcripts equip the online presence with accuracy and creativity in a variety of languages. This deepens the reach of a brand in more than one geography, culture and demographics.
  8. They are a ready pool of content that can be used for other formats such as eBooks, blogs, whitepapers, infographics, emails and product footnotes.
  9. They are great tools for interested customers who want to go back and re-watch any content without going through burdensome search.
  10. Plus, these transcripts can often turn out to be great gifts for customers who want to study more on a given topic from another point of view and a text-rich angle.

More importantly, a properly-transcribed video can cut down a lot of time and doubt by simplifying the understanding process for a customer. The video content aids not only in increasing comprehension, but also gives the customers a stimulating, simple and fun environment to get engaged with the brand and its campaigns. They are great catalysts for making the content more accessible, measurable, fun, and amenable for other marketing elements such as social-media posts and newsletters.

Convert your videos into text, and you can not only stand stronger than your competitors, but you can rise above the clutter and noise of online content as well.

Use the right partner with great linguistic capabilities so that this effort does not go waste and can be optimized in smart ways for deepening your brand’s reach, engagement and impact. Video is already bringing a new taste to your marketing plan. Do not spill the sauce now. Go for a strong and accurate translation with video transcript and make it serve the palate that today’s customers are getting used to. It has both great ROI and flavour.

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