No Child’s Play: What to Look for in Professional Game Localization Agencies

A gamer wants high quality game translations. When this translation comes with a deep regionalisation, it seems like a complete package.

  1. The gaming market along with its customers is still evolving. Therefore, what is demanded of a game localization agency is that the games it provides should be fairly flexible.
  2. They should be gamer-friendly. First and foremost, a gaming company or application developer wants the localization agency, to whom he is going to allocate a project, to know the gaming industry in and out.
  3. The game localization agency should excel in understanding the unique challenges that are ubiquitous for game developers. These include platform terminology, or moreover, the importance of hitting submission deadlines.
  4. They should be well acknowledged with the significance of getting the game translation right. It is expected by a game localization agency that there should be no spelling and grammatical errors, as they happen to be common in a low-quality translation. Such errors damage and distort the exact meaning of what is intended to be communicated.
  5. Game localization agencies should work as a platform that makes game translations easy, be it for mobile, desktop, online or consoles. This, in turn, helps in increasing user’s loyalty.
  6. Researchers say that 70% of all the global internet users do not have English as their native language; hence, game localization agencies should be adept in providing gaming versions with translated native languages. They should be able to provide translation and localization in as many native languages as possible.
  7. A customer may want services of various sorts. The likes of exhibiting different in-game characters, professional multi-lingual voice-over services. He or she may also want his or her website translated from a game localization agency.
  8. It is presumed that these agencies make game localization simpler. And that they may provide game localization tools to help them streamline their game asset pipelines.
  9. When customers feel that their game requires high quality game translations, they seek for a game localization agency. They want this agency to manage the translation and control the needs of the game. Additionally, the agency should provide them with the text files within the already decided time frame. Through this the customers can just integrate the translations straight into their games.
  10. A supplier for games desires that its customers should have a feel of playing the game in their source language. For this the customer is ready to spend large amounts when it comes to localization and translation of the game products.
  11. A game localization agency should have a large, reliable and established network of translators. It should have those gamers in its team who love translating a game into the customer’s native language.
  12. The agency should help the game and app developers to help reach a global platform and cater to a wider market. It should be replete with a suite of localization tools and platforms that are leaders in the gaming industry.
  13. An aroused consumer is inclined to search for more information regarding the product she seeks to get and for that she calls up his friends, takes reviews of her relatives, goes online and consults various other sources before choosing the most suitable product in that category. She evaluates all the possible alternatives in hand and then takes the final call. The game localization agency, like any other firm, should offer reasonable price which are within the reach of a larger audience. Also, it should save the time of its customer as time is more valuable than money in today’s era.

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