Why You Need Efficient Localization Project Management

Last Updated June 7, 2023

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Improve your business performance by employing the most effective localization project management.

Sometimes it’s better to admit you need outside help rather than trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. This is true of localization.

Your business has multiple core competencies, but language isn’t necessarily one of them. And that’s ok. Your sole focus should be on what you do best to turn higher profits.

So, if you don’t have a dedicated localization team with sufficient experience, a managed services provider can be invaluable to your globalization goals.

Outsource the project management and experience growth in several ways.

What is localization project management?

Localization project management is the process of coordinating localization campaigns⁠.

That goes beyond translating large collections of content into other languages for use in locales across the world.

Consider your website, for example.

The goal of localization is to make what you’re offering feel as if it is made specifically for customers in any target market rather than being an adaptation of the original. A multilingual website therefore isn’t sufficient when expanding into a new market. Your website needs to fully relate with each audience.

A website with local references and culturally relevant visual elements grabs the attention of new audiences. When you localize website content, you make it culturally relatable and relevant to the right audience, among other benefits.

And when products and desktop publishing materials are available to the user in their native language and with cultural resonance, it creates a better customer experience.

Thus, the localization project manager maintains relationships and ensures efficient workflows among translators, reviewers, developers, and other stakeholders.

They’re tasked with managing localization spend and overseeing the application of localization technology to decrease time-to-market and increase content quality.

Here’s a deeper look at how it works and the benefits thereof.

Features of Effective Localization Project Management

Localization project management is a kind of magical creature that streamlines your language activities, increases your efficiency, and frees you and your teams to focus on business-critical tasks.

Here’s what else localization project management offers, then:

  • Flexibility – a solution that fits your exact needs.
  • Scalability – an ability to increase the volume and scope of your projects.
  • Security and confidentiality – Secure, cloud-based project management systems that maintain trust in all situations.
  • Global presence – Run projects in any part of the world and get 24/7 support.
  • Total ownership cost decrease – Cheaper than hiring internal project managers.
  • KPI and capacity monitoring – Retain full control over the project and establish reporting paths together.

The process begins by going over your company and performing a deep dive of your translation teams, vendors, activities, and processes to uncover opportunities for improvements to your localization speed and scalability.

Then, they make recommendations to improve your localization program, or in some cases, completely take over the management of your internal localization and translation teams, including management of external vendors.

The bulk of localization work—including verification, editing, proofreading, and quality assurance—is typically done by freelancers.

Language service providers have pre-existing expertise in vendor management and outsourcing. This vendor management expertise results in more efficient end-to-end workflows, which means cost savings passed on to you.

LSPs leverage existing project infrastructure and task completion to take advantage of a real growth opportunity and offer greater value to prospective customers.

Let’s look at one particular success story.

What Localization Project Management Can Accomplish

A global sports apparel company was looking for a more efficient way to scale their digital localization activities, including apps, websites, and other digital platforms.

Their old process kept localization and translation teams at a distance, and often team members’ skillsets didn’t match up with the tasks they were assigned.

So, bottlenecks became frequent, slowing down the speed at which new digital offerings could go to market.

By signing up for our localization project management services, this sports apparel company formed a more cohesive team atmosphere. Translators could collaborate and learn from each other, and skillsets were better matched to translation activities.

Additionally, new tracking systems gave them more visibility when it came to resource allocation.

As a result, localization turnaround times decreased significantly, and new projects became much more scalable.

Technology-Enabled Language Solutions

Summa Linguae specializes in technology-enabled translation and localization solutions. We combine the best of what human intelligence and machine learning have to offer to bring your business to more people around the world—quickly, efficiently, and affordably.

Taking an outcome-based approach, we tailor a language solution to meet your objectives. A fit-for-purpose strategy that simplifies even the most complex situations.

Our customers see cost reduction, more efficient operation and experience outstanding customer service.

So, improve your performance by letting the right people manage your localization projects.

Contact us today to get started.

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