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Quick and Accurate Document Localization and Translation

An inevitable and integral part of all businesses across countries and industries is documentation. Concrete documentation not only impacts the operations but also improves sales, finances, training and various critical functions across the organization. Accurate document localization is pivotal in impacting these aspects globally. In the global market, some documents need more than just translation. Not only does the language needs to be simple and easy to understand, but the images, layout, style, and context need to be adapted as per the region.

The translation of marketing collateral would hardly be possible without the translation of graphics and illustrations. Documents that require technical translation are often saved in non-editable formats. Hence, it is always fundamental to check if DTP is offered as a supplementary service, when choosing a language service provider.

Our expertise in document localization services serves all your multilingual needs along with DTP services. We help in the localization of technical specifications, marketing collaterals, publishing material and more.

We also provide services related to the translation of Patents and Regulatory Documents, RFPs and RFQs translations, translation of Legal Documents, Financial Documents, Agreements, Invoices, Press Releases, Engineering Drawings and more with certified translations.

Success Story

Residents of remote parts of India can now easily access and avail welfare schemes provided by the Government. This was made possible when we partnered with an IT consulting firm in localizing the user guides and international user ID into 22 Indian languages, including 4 of India’s rarest languages.

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