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Financial translation for enterprises


Companies operating on international markets often need to translate financial documentation. This mainly applies to listed public companies, which are legally obliged to publish financial statements, and the translation of such materials increases their chances of attracting foreign investors. As a listed company, we are aware of the importance of effective communication with potential investors, which is why we pay particular attention to the translation of periodical and annual reports. Based on our own experience, we have built a large database of translators who specialize in financial translation.

How to guarantee high-quality business translation?


Financial translation is a highly specialist translation field due to its interdisciplinary nature (it may combine not only financial, but also economic or legal aspects), the precision that the translator must apply, and the level of knowledge they should have. A company’s financial records must also be presented in a clear and correct form. Therefore, financial translation should always be carried out by experienced professionals.


Financial translation is not for everyone


The most common myth about financial, economic or business translation is that anyone can do it. However, one look at typically translated financial documents proves that they should be translated by an expert.


Obviously, a translator of financial texts must be fluent in a foreign language. At the same time, knowledge of one’s mother tongue is just as important, which is not as obvious as it may seem. Financial documents include specialist vocabulary with which most people are unfamiliar. Many translators have a double degree, in linguistics and economics. Some are even finance specialists or economists with proven language skills, or language and literature graduates who have extensive experience and knowledge of finance.


This brings us to the issue of self-improvement. Business translation requires the translator to regularly update their business knowledge.


Talent and non-linguistic competence also play a significant role in business translation. Analytical skills and attention to detail are among the most important features that should characterize translators of business texts.


Economic and financial translation for listed companies


Summa Linguae Technologies, as a listed company, has built a large database of translators specializing in financial documentation. Each of them has competences in this area, supported by experience in management of multilingual business communication of Polish and international companies.


We are aware that the documentation entrusted to us is confidential. This is why every translator cooperating with Summa Linguae Technologies signs a non-disclosure agreement. We aim to safeguard the interests of our customers as best we can.


We translate materials related to banking, accounting, stock market audits or due diligence analyses. We also provide other services such as sworn translation or legal translation.

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