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The Internet is borderless by definition. But it still depends on language to some extent: we search for information and opinions about products and services in our own language (mostly) or by location. That’s why you should make multilingual SEO a part of your expansion strategy.

Multilingual SEO – localization of keywords


Summa Linguae Technologies can offer technology-based solutions that will simplify multilingual SEO management in your company.


We can create SEO-friendly product descriptions in more than 100 languages. We will localize your existing keywords and adapt them to new linguistic and cultural requirements. Our experts pay attention to various aspects, including user engagement rates, keywords popularity or SEO-friendly format of product descriptions.


Our service includes:

  • analyzing related keywords,
  • verifying their popularity in search engines (including Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Baidu),
  • recommending new keywords,
  • providing instructions regarding text formatting (bolded keywords, how often they should be used, suggestions regarding title tags).


Our multilingual SEO services are always tailor-made for each client and each project. E-mail us so we can analyze your case individually, and let’s talk about maximizing organic traffic on your website:

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