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Can patent translations be classified as legal translations? Of course. And what if a patent concerns, for instance, an agricultural machine, is it a technical translation then? Yes, indeed. And this is where we come to the heart of the matter — patent translations are interdisciplinary translations that require expertise, a flair for legalese, and knowledge of terminology used in a relevant branch.

Managing intellectual property can have an impact on a company’s competitiveness on the global market. Translation of patent claims is one of the prerequisites for carrying out a grant procedure and thus ensuring patent protection.

Patent translations — a patent for quality translations


How to ensure high quality of patent translations? The most effective way is to start cooperating with a reliable translation agency. Long-term cooperation with one language services provider has many advantages and it is much more profitable than sporadic translation orders for several or several dozen translators.


Translation agencies offering patent translations employ translators specialized in many fields, such as patent law. This guarantees that a translation will be done in accordance with the rules of the art of translation and based on specialized terminology.


A translation agency present on the market for a long time has in its database thousands of cooperating translators. This ensures not only the availability of people speaking rare languages but above all the possibility of ordering express translations. And when it comes to the grant procedure, time is often a very important factor.


Another advantage of constant cooperation with a professional translation agency is making use of the possibilities offered by modern translation technology. Building the so-called translation memories is very profitable for a client. The more translations the client orders, the more data is stored in the memory. Subsequently, a computer matches the already translated segments, generating savings on the whole process for the client. The translation process is faster and simply cheaper. Still, the quality of translation and, above all, terminological consistency (even if several translators are working on a single text) are maintained.


Summa Linguae Technologies offers translations from many fields, including medicine, finance, technology, communication and IT. We provide professional translations of such documents as:

  • patents,
  • technical specifications,
  • expert opinions,
  • technical documentation,
  • patent publications,
  • license documents, and many others.

If needed, we offer also certified translations.

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