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When taking a video globally, the visual aspects of the content cannot be altered much, but video subtitling services proves to be one of the easiest and quickest means to make the content comprehensible to a larger audience. Incorrect subtitles can actually convey an unwelcomed meaning and result in negative publicity. At the same time, accurately incorporated subtitles can enhance your video’s reach immensely.

It may seem simple, but there are various tasks that go into subtitling services, such as text formatting, text translation, segmentation, time coding and integration into video.

Summa Linguae Technologies provides accurate subtitling services for eLearning videos, motion pictures, commercials, corporate demos and more.

Success Story

We provided 300 hours of accurate and consistent subtitles for an entertainment company with quick turnaround time, some even less than 12 hours. This helped in the timely broadcast of an international TV show to viewers across India.

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