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Evaluating the context, language and functional attributes of the product content is critical to make your product more accessible to global users through product localization.

As part of the localization testing services, we check the functional and non-functional features of software such as correct functioning, appearance, display standards, usage, etc. Localization testing is a must for complex products with extensive functionality, such as games, computer software, web applications, etc.

A subset of localization testing, linguistic testing services ensures that the software is culturally relevant in terms of grammar, punctuations, terminologies, context and linguistic rules. In the final stages of testing, linguistic testing checks the localized content and UI for their accuracy as well as cultural appropriateness. Linguistic testing is also used to verify the accuracy of online help pages and website content.

Our growing pool of resources and vast experience in the localization industry ensures that we employ only tech-savvy linguistic testers for our localization testing services to deliver optimal results. We also advise our clients about the best practices for localization testing with respect to localization readiness of software, linguistic aspects, functionality, internationalization, and compatibility.

Success Story

An independent software testing company completed 289.5 hours of testing for their client successfully with support from our project management team. This ensured that the localized tool functioned seamlessly, and the timelines were adhered to while maintaining optimal results.

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Contact us to discuss your software testing requirements in detail at