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Experience, precision, knowledge – specialist translation/interpreting


Multilingual communication in the case of specialized industries requires special skills from a translator or interpreter. Therefore, when ordering specialist translation/interpreting, you should trust a translation agency with a well-established position on the market and the necessary experience.

Specialist translation/interpreting includes:

Specialist translation/interpreting – price list


Some of the above-mentioned examples of specialist translation/interpreting also require additional services or the use of special tools. Summa Linguae Technologies also offers services like DTP (desktop publishing), voice-over, subtitling, or post-edited machine translation. This is why we do not have a price list for specialist translation/interpreting. The cost depends on several factors, such as the language pair, the topic, or the need for additional processes.


Each of the above-mentioned types of specialist translation/interpreting should be carried out by a specialist in the field with experience, relevant knowledge, and familiarity with the right terminology. Summa Linguae Technologies, with over 20 years of experience on the market, has a large database of translators/interpreters. They are experts with solid knowledge of a given field.


Professional translation: expert needed ASAP


Presentations or company correspondence can be translated by any translator working in a given language pair. However, when it comes to more specialist translation, we should only trust professionals experienced in the given industry.


Professional translation should be performed by people who have additional industry-specific education or extensive experience in finance, law, medicine, or engineering. Such a person should be able to speak a foreign language flawlessly with regard to a given field, which requires regular contact with the industry. Apart from fluency in a foreign language, the translator must also know the industry-specific terminology and have a variety of skills that differ depending on the industry – e.g. law or medicine.


So what should you consider when choosing a specialist translation agency? First of all, the portfolio and previous clients. Summa Linguae Technologies cooperates with more than 2,500 corporate clients from each industry. We have experience in managing projects that require specialist knowledge from translators. We have translated materials in such fields as construction, automotive, new technologies, law, medicine, pharmacy, or finance and banking.


Our team of sales representatives and project managers will ensure effective translation project management – if you are uncertain whether you need a specialist translation or additional services (such as DTP), feel free to ask our consultants:

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