Anny Chia, QA Lead

Last Updated February 10, 2020

Hello there!

My name is Anny, and I am a Quality Assurance (QA) Lead at Summa Linguae Technologies.

What does a QA Lead do, exactly?

I know what you’re going to ask, so I’ll just come out and answer it: Yes, there is quite a difference between Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese! The differences are comparable to British English versus American English.

So when you’re localizing software, hardware, websites, and so on, even the slightest variances are important. My job is to make sure we’ve accounted for all of those differences.

Ultimately, a QA Lead is focused on planning and executing the testing phase of any localization project. We help Project Managers plan how to test the product effectively.

For example, if today we were to localize a Virtual Reality application, how do we test the software to ensure it works on all platforms and in all target languages?

We are responsible for drafting the estimate, coordinating with the testers, writing instructions, coming up with test cases (steps for testers to follow) and analyzing the results. At times, we may also be required to give a defect report to the clients.

Anny’s Story

Anyway, let me tell you a little bit about myself.

Based on my QA tester language, you may be able to guess I’m originally from a small town on the East of Taiwan. I grew up surrounded by beaches and mountains (quite like Vancouver, without the cold). It was wonderful living within nature, yet so close to a big and energizing city. Regardless of the time of day (or night), there was always fun to be had and entertainment to partake in.

Plus, the street food in Taiwan is unreal *drools*.

My father was in the air force, and was deployed to Seoul, Korea when I was still quite young – we ended up living there for seven years in total.

I learned English through the international schools I attended, sparking my interest in Western culture and my goal of going abroad for exchange.

After moving back to Taiwan, I went on to study at Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages, majoring in English and German. For university, I studied at Tamkang university in Tamshui where I majored in English.

It was then I was able to achieve my goal: during my sophomore year, I went to Sacramento, California for exchange and fell totally in love with North America.

Post graduation, I didn’t quite know what I wanted to do or where to go! Although I loved cultures and languages, I didn’t want to be an interpreter or translator full-time.

Eventually I decided to stay in Taiwan to work on my behind-the-scenes passion: movies.

I joined on as an editor at a film magazine and worked there for over two years before deciding to make the move to Vancouver; a city I knew had a bustling film industry. However, because of how vibrant the scene is in Vancouver, it was more difficult than expected to find an available position.

So, I started to hunt down other career options while I worked on gaining some more tangible experience in the Vancouver film industry. I got involved with Summa Linguae Technologies’ in-car speech data collection project, and was eventually invited back to work on Vancouver Projector Rentals as well as QA testing full-time.

What does Anny like about Summa Linguae Technologies?

I love how multicultural Summa Linguae Technologies is; bringing people from different backgrounds and opinions to the table is extremely valuable in growing a company. It makes a huge difference in creating a unique and open work culture.

And Summa Linguae Technologies is home to such an encouraging atmosphere. There are always ideas and opinions flying around the room.

Here are two truths and one lie about me – take a guess at what is what!

  1. I’m fluent in five languages, including Taiwanese
  2. Fish (very terrifyingly) like to bite me
  3. I used to walk 1.5km every day to get to a train station

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