Camilla, Localization Production Manager

Last Updated March 29, 2020

Meet Camilla, our Localization Production Manager.

Camilla leads a robust team of project managers, project coordinators, QA leads, and localization engineers at Summa Linguae Technologies.

The Localization team works on all kinds of different projects. For example, one team localizes marketing campaigns for a major tech company from beginning to end— including digital ad campaigns, print ads, and promotional materials in retail locations.

Get to Know Camilla

Camilla’s path to a career in localization was a straight shot.

“There were no detours. It’s been more like a highway,” said Camilla.

Camilla was born near Versailles, France—where her family still resides. And no, she was not raised in the palace (we had to ask).

Camilla was always fascinated by language. This fascination first took her to the US, to study Translation & Cross-Cultural Management. It then took her to Spain for an internship, and then Germany for her first full-time localization job, localizing video games in Berlin.

When her employer opened an office in Korea, she jumped at the opportunity and spent a year and a half in Seoul.

After all that globetrotting, she now speaks French, English, Spanish, and a little bit of German and Korean.

Camilla’s Summa Linguae Technologies Story

Here’s Camilla’s Summa Linguae Technologies journey in her own words:

What drew you to Summa Linguae Technologies originally?

I was looking for a change when the Summa Linguae Technologies opportunity came along.

I originally joined us as a Senior Localization Project Manager. And I actually thought the job was in Portland—I didn’t even notice the role was in Vancouver at first. But I thought “why not?” and moved to Canada!

From a career perspective, I wanted the chance to focus more on production work. My previous role ended up fairly administrative.

At Summa Linguae Technologies, I get to be a facilitator to a wide variety of people. Some are more technical, some are more client-oriented, and others have a background in languages.

I have to make sure all those people work together to deliver what the customer needs.

What’s your favorite part about working for Summa Linguae Technologies?

What stands out to me is that everyone is treated as a human being.

There are so many complexities at play: some people are working remotely, there are different communication styles, differences in personal skills and ambitions, and different approaches to problem solving.

But it’s accepted that there’s no one rigid way of doing things where someone has to fit in a mold.

Summa Linguae Technologies thrives because of these differences, and the result is a bottom-up approach where everyone uses their brains to come up with solutions.

How has Summa Linguae Technologies helped your career development so far?

Working with enterprise-level clients has been a new and welcomed challenge.

I came from a background of working with small startups. Now I’m working with an enterprise client of 100,000 employees.

Working with such a large client, there’s a higher level of expectation and commitment to deliverables. You have to adapt to their processes that have been in place for years. You have to stick to best practices every single time.

Being a team of experts with the ability to influence a lot of people on the customer side—that was a big leveling up for me.

What advice do you have for prospective Summa Linguae Technologies candidates?

Learn about the company culture. Summa Linguae Technologies is big on culture, so make sure you’re a fit.

You need a balance of being self-driven while also working well with a team.

Think about how you want your daily work life to be: at Summa Linguae Technologies, it’s always changing. There’s not a lot of routine. You have to be self-driven to come up with your own solutions to problems nearly every day.

But at the same time, you have to work well with teams who may have completely different skills than you. There’s two sides to it.

If you’re looking for a role with a well-established day-to-day routine, Summa Linguae Technologies may throw you too far out of your comfort zone.

Fun Camilla Facts

Where’s your favorite place in the world?

Tokyo. I love the vibe, the food, and the people.

I love all the little second-hand stores. I love to buy kitchen items like vintage teapots or chopsticks.

And the markets…I could spend my whole life there.

What’s your secret talent?

I’m a big cooking nerd. I spend lots of time cooking every day.

I love reading cookbooks and researching the best tools. For example, I recently learned how to properly sharpen knives.

What’s your favorite thing to cook?

I cook a lot of Asian food and I love baking. German chocolate cake is my go-to recipe.

Surprisingly, I don’t cook a lot of French food…

Any other hidden passions we should know about?

I’m really into cinema. I go to a lot of movie festivals, like the Berlin Film Festival.

Do you have a favorite director?

Xavier Dolan. He’s a French-Canadian filmmaker from Quebec.

Thanks for chatting with us, Camilla!

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