Elina, Talent Acquisition Specialist

Meet Elina Sumichan, Summa Linguae Technologies’ Talent Acquisition Specialist.

Elina joined Summa Linguae Technologies in February 2019 at our Vancouver HQ as the company’s first official full-time recruiter, and has since transitioned to working remotely from Toronto.

Her days are spent headhunting on LinkedIn and video chatting with potential candidates—with the goal of filling Summa Linguae Technologies with amazingly talented and passionate people.

Elina’s Story

Elina was born in Indonesia, and grew up on the beautiful island of Bali.

She grew up in a big Island-style house with a mini farm, where her family grew their own food and raised chickens.

Elina’s house was a pet lover’s dream: they had over 20 dogs living on their property (she says her family made the tough transition to one dog once they moved to Vancouver when she was 10 years old).

Elina attended Capilano University in North Vancouver, earning a Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in marketing.

Not long after graduating university, she moved to Montreal where she landed her first recruiter role in the visual effects industry.

In her own words, “I hired the people who make stuff explode in movies.”

After 2.5 years, Elina ended up back home in Vancouver, recruiting salespeople for a big tech company.

Why Summa Linguae Technologies?

In 2019, seeking more freedom and flexibility than a big corporation allowed for, Elina made the jump to Summa Linguae Technologies.

So what does she love most about the role?


Elina is a big fan of the freedom afforded to her by her role.

And as the first person to work full-time in her position, she had to blaze her own trail from the start.

“At Summa Linguae Technologies, you have more chance to be innovative. But, you can’t wait around. Sometimes, you just need to do it, and figure it out in the moment. And that’s the environment I want to be in.

“If you’re not used to being thrown into things, it could be stressful, but I love it. It encourages me not to be afraid, to pace myself, and to stay organized.”


Working remotely as a recruiter, Elina isn’t tied to a desk at all.

“Working remotely really works to my benefit in this role. Because I spend most of my day talking to potential hires, all I need is an internet connection and video chat.”

This gives her the chance to work while travelling—one of her favourite hobbies.

“I craft my schedule depending on who I’m talking to that day and where they’re from. It’s not a punch-in, punch-out situation. The work-life balance really allows me to stay motivated and truly happy to work every day.”

Constant Learning

Elina also relishes the opportunity to learn from the candidates she speaks to every day.

“I learn so much just from talking to different types of people every day from all around the world. People’s cultures, life experiences, different ways of thinking—it keeps me learning constantly.”


But what does Elina love most about Summa Linguae Technologies?

“I love that people aren’t only passionate about their jobs, they’re all passionate about other things too. People aren’t just boxed in and solely career focused. The passion definitely translates to their work.”

Elina loves the drive of her co-workers too.

“Summa Linguae Technologies is filled with open-minded people who are encouraged to be innovative and creative. The team has so many hidden talents. At our last company retreat, I learned that someone knew pretty much every lyric to any pop song we played. I had no idea.”

Let’s Dance

So what’s Elina’s not-so hidden talent?

I guess we spoiled it with the heading: dance.

Elina has been a dancer since she was 5 years old, describing herself as a “fusion dancer.” She primarily does latin dancing, like salsa, but likes to incorporate other styles like hip hop.

And dance is more than just a hobby for Elina. She teaches dance workshops in Vancouver and Toronto and has performed at many international events—most recently teaching a hip hop class for 8th graders at a school health and wellness day.

“Dance was what brought me to Toronto. Toronto has the biggest dance community in Canada, and my dance partner is there. We travel quite a bit to teach and perform.”

Elina gives a lot of credit to Summa Linguae Technologies for letting her pursue her passion.

“I wouldn’t be able to follow my passion for dance without the flexibility of my job. I really value the trust I have with the organization, allowing me to work independently on my own time. They just trust me to get my job done.”

Fun Fact Speed Round

Time for some fun facts about Elina:

What languages do you speak?

My first language is actually Indonesian. English is my second language, and I also speak conversational Spanish and a bit of French.

What’s your favorite food?

Japanese Ramen. I would have Ramen everyday if I could. Even in the hot summer days I would eat a hot bowl of Ramen!

What are you currently watching on Netflix?

There’s an amazing show called Money Heist. It’s a Spanish show about robbers.

Where’s your favorite place in the world?

This tiny island that no one really knows about in the Mediterranean Sea. It’s called Formentera.

It’s part of Spain, just off Ibiza island. There’s a hill on one end of the island, and from there you can literally see the entire island. So far, this island has the most amazing beaches and water that I’ve seen in my life and I’ve seen a fair share of beaches from various parts of the world!

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