6 Challenges of English to French Translation Services and Possible Solutions

French is a language spoken in more than five continents. It has around 280 million speakers across the globe. In Europe, it is the second most popular language after English. Going back to the history, French with its Germanic roots has provided the English language with many words. French is also referred to as the ‘International language of reference’.

French is popularly known as the ‘language of love’ because of romantic Italian and Latin roots. When it comes to English to French translation services, it becomes a challenging affair. There are many difficulties in translating using English to French services because of different origins of both the languages. Let us check out the major challenges.

1. Multiple variations of French

As there are multiple variations of English language across the globe, similarly there are variations in the French language across the globe. The way the French language is spoken, for instance in countries such as Belgium, the Middle East, the United States and Canada etc., the difference will not only be in the pronunciation of certain words, but also for everyday things or objects.


The basic solution to the problem lies in the fact that you have to know the locale of your target audience. You must be well aware of the way French is spoken in that country or region.

2. French is a long language

When providing services for translating English into French, the biggest challenge is the length of the language. Some languages are naturally longer as they require more words than the others.


In order to overcome the problem, the best possible way is to hire a professional who can optimally simplify and shorten the length of the text according to the specific needs of the client. Also, having short and simple content works for the translation of any language pair.

3. Unique French Cultural Markers

Every language has a unique formal structure. It entirely depends on the culture of the specific region. Every culture has different names for food, festivals and things used in everyday life. So it might create issues as well, which is a major challenge in English to French translation services.


A professional translator with complete knowledge about the particular region and culture along with translation experience would prove helpful.

4. Difference in Grammar

Since the origin of both the languages is different, there is an essential difference in the grammar. The difference may lie in the syntax, gender, adjectives and verbs if we compare both the languages. What is right in the French language may not be making any sense in English.


A native translator who has a good knowledge of proper grammar usage can come to the rescue.

5. Lexical—Semantic differences

The difference in English and French also includes the differences in terminology alternatives, semantic gaps, contextual synonyms, and antonyms, etc.


These problems can surely be resolved by referring to dictionaries and other terminology related experts and sources on the internet.

6. Pragmatic Differences

These differences involve the complex situation of where to use formal and informal language. Problems are also faced in idiomatic phrases, irony, sarcasm, sayings as well as humor.

To overcome:

The translator must be well aware of formal and informal modes of addressing the person. He must be able to analyze the situation and must be experienced enough to take the decision.

French is the only working language apart from English out of the six official languages of the United Nations. It is also one of the three procedural languages of European Union. With this wide popularity and significance, the need of translation comes into the picture with certain challenges which definitely have the possible solutions.

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