Checklist to find a Good Chinese to English Translation Agency for your Business!

Picking a proper translation agency is vital the organization that will grow to the profound markets in Asia like China. The correct translation agency will help you make your products easily available and understood to the right audience. China is the most populous country in the world. Therefore, one always finds the need to translate text from and to Chinese. In order to execute successful and accurate Chinese translation, any Chinese to English Translation Agency must possess most of the following critical skills:


– Complete understanding of the source technical material

Chinese to English translation Agency must have a background in the field in which they are working. This can be demonstrated by proof of appropriate education, certification, and work experience in a particular field. Chinese technical translators may have to conduct independent research in order to understand the material fully.

– Proofreading and editing skills

The ability to check original text for errors, inconsistencies and other issues is important for effective Chinese translation. The Chinese to English Translation Agency’s translators should recognize when there are problems with the source material; their subject-specific knowledge thereby serves as a quality control step before and during the Chinese technical translation process.

– Chinese-specific technical knowledge

Adapting technical material for Chinese-speaking markets can include: ensuring the style is appropriate for a Chinese audience; altering number, currency, and date formats; adapting information for local regulations, and adhering to industry standards in Chinese-speaking countries.


– Terminology management skills

Attaining consistent and accurate use of terminology can be ensured by the utilization of translation memory tools. Many times there are multiple acceptable technical translations for a term, and the Chinese to English Translation Agency must first determine which terms will be used. This may be a challenge as certain terms or words may have been recently introduced in an industry. The best translators will share information about terms in question with their project manager or the client.


– Accreditations

Effective Chinese to English translation agencies must have translators who should be credentialed with certifications, accreditations, or advanced degrees as appropriate to the field for which they are translating.

Apart from the above, regardless of the degree of resulting Chinese document complexity, your Chinese to English translation agency should have relevant experience and a stipulated comprehensive process. Choose your agency wisely in order to reach one of the world’s most spoken languages.

Summa Linguae Technologies provides the following Chinese – English Translation Services:

  1. Chinese to English Translation
  2. Chinese to English Localization
  3. Chinese to English Voice-over
  4. English to Chinese Translation
  5. English to Chinese Localization
  6. English to Chinese Voice-over

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