How much does a language translation actually cost?

Last Updated March 16, 2020

A professional language translation agency has specific costs but you need to consider many other  factors to arrive at the best price.

Business history is replete with instances where language translation blunders have caused great conflict or long drawn court battles. Companies have paid a heavy price for getting the translation wrong. The price paid is not always monetary. It has taken the form of loss of reputation, a drop in the brand image, missed opportunities and more. It is very important that the language translation service offers quality, accuracy, and affordability in an integrated, uncompromising manner.

The market of language translation is complex and the rates for  translation fall in a wide range from high-end to pocket-friendly. Usually, the most popular language with higher demand and more translators  has lower translation rates while high demand and low supply of the service/fewer translators will result in high translation costs. However, this general rule doesn’t always stand true as there are other factors responsible for the cost.

Some of the key factors that influence professional translation pricing include:

Because the factors are numerous, the exact cost for language translation is difficult to determine. The cost of translating Hindi text to English could be as low as INR 2.5-3 per word while translation in other languages such as Spanish to English can cost INR 3-4 per word, Chinese to English INR 3-4 per character, etc.

So what’s the best price for translation?

At Summa Linguae, we consider all the factors before rolling out a custom price. No two projects are the same. The level of complexity and resources required for each are different. That’s why at Summa Linguae we believe in treating every project differently, catering to its unique needs.

This price will vary with the factors involved as mentioned above and also whether the work is done by a professional language translation agency or freelance translators.

Take into account all the factors to get the best work done. But remember, the price of high-quality language translation is always lower than the cost of inaccurate translation.

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