Outsourcing in the translation industry

Outsourcing is an extremely topical word nowadays, particularly in Krakow – a city which has been called, already for several years, a Polish outsourcing hub. Summa Linguae has just become the first Polish translation agency which has decided to launch a new line of business based on outsourcing of employees to LSPs.

The approximate cost of employment of one project manager borne by translation agencies in the UK is GBP 25-30 thousand per year. Moving this process to Poland can bring savings of up to 30%. And it was such cost optimization and facilitation in project management that guided the idea to create an outsourcing center in Krakow.

Summa Linguae’s new line of business will cover employment of project and vendor managers as well as administration and HR specialists who will work directly for foreign translation agencies, yet under strict supervision of Summa Linguae.

Opening an outsourcing center in Krakow requires certain steps to be taken:

To comply with the confidentiality standards dedicated employees will work in separate rooms with access control. Importantly, they will be using our customers’ ICT systems and CRM to ensure that the entire process is not only fast, but also directly integrated with the customer’s operations – said Krzysztof Zdanowski, Summa Linguae’s CEO.

Outsourcing of project management or HR services to other LSPs is nothing new for Mayflower – an Indian company in which Summa Linguae invested last month.

Based on the experiences of our Indian partner we will try to take advantage of the fact that costs of staff employment in Poland are much lower than in the United Kingdom, France, Germany or the USA. Moreover, Bangalore and Krakow are global outsourcing centers in which lots of specialists knowing foreign languages live and work. Even when our margin is included, commissioning project management to Krakow is much more profitable for enterprises operating in Western Europe than hiring their own employees. The business conditions and the environment in which we work definitely foster such initiatives – added Krzysztof Zdanowski.

Summa Linguae will be one of the few translation agencies offering such services worldwide, and the only one on the domestic market. The services concerned are addressed to foreign entities seeking cost optimization related to employment. At present, major foreign companies are opening their branches around the world, but smaller ones do not have sufficient financial and human resources to do so. The new service to be offered by Summa Linguae has been designed for such smaller companies.

Besides project and vendor managers, Summa Linguae will hire also new administration and HR specialists, while updating its offer with such services as document digitization and archiving, as well as keeping financial records.

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