Rip off the Black Box of Technical Translation

You worked hard and made a great product, then you work harder to make sure the intended user hears about it through cleverly-inked, sophisticated and sharp marketing messages. What now? You sit back and watch the numbers grow, as the product slides off the shelves like hotcakes?

Not yet. There is one more thing to do. It is as essential as your marketing message or sales brochure is. This is where you need to get conversant with technical translations services. Yes. The product you created, no matter how awesome it is, is often nothing more than a black box to a user who does not speak your language. If you want your product to work in a new region with its unique language and culture, selling the same instruction manual that you did in your region is actually going to harm your product’s prospects.

Technical information is serious and a game-changer here. It is crucial that your technical documents make sure that your customers understand how to use a given product. Else, they would be sitting staring at a box that they just do not know what to do with.

One cannot deny the paramount role that technical content plays in information, education, guidance and last-mile experience for a customer. This is exactly why technical documents need as much attention, investment, resources, quality, time and innovation as marketing documents do.

This is also a wide and versatile expanse. It covers user guides, manuals, operating instructions, handling descriptions, patents, legal information, reports, instruction sheets, warranty information, technical glossary, safety manuals, and standard operating procedures. One may also, depending on the type and scale of the product, cover technical drawings, engineering maps, machine manuals, dos and don’ts, processes, technical manuals, specification sheets, and maintenance maps, etc.

But how to go about technical translation services?

It is good to have translators that are strong in linguistics, who actually ‘get’ the target user’s languages with all its rich complexity and nuances. But it is not enough. Many other added criteria determine the quality and strength of translators when one is looking at translating technical documents.

Technical translation services need to pay attention to multiple factors:

In short, one has to nail accuracy but not at the cost of ease of understanding. The translated content should have rigor and depth and also stay appealing and usable for the customer. It is a tough balance to aim for, and services like Summa Linguae are striving to attain this sweet spot in every project they undertake. It is about blending quality benchmarks with industry knowledge by leveraging the best tools, translators, language specialists and product experts. It is, at the end of the day, all about converting a black box into a chocolate box.

Get smart translating with sharp technical translation services. Make unwrapping your box a happy experience for the customer.

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