Translating effort into benefit: 5 reasons to outsource to a Portuguese Translating Agency

Theoretically, translation refers to the procedure of translating words or text from one language to another. But practically, with the global expansion of business, market and education, it has expanded further than its theoretical significance. Now-a-days, it has transformed into the most imperative device for global expansion of business. More markets mean more revenue, more opportunities, more growth; no one wants to lose it just because of a language barrier. Remember, English is not the only language.

Even though, English exists as a co-official language of many countries, most countries prefer their native language in parallel with English. At this point, outsourcing comes as a savior.


Why to Outsource a Portuguese translating agency?

  1. Its official and co-official language status – Portuguese is the official language of 9 countries, and co-official language of 3 counties. With more than 270 millions speaker, it is the 6th most spoken language across the globe. The above number gives an outline of use of Portuguese language in day -to-day life. So much legal, judicial and confidential work needs to be done by a reliable source; Outsourcing a team of professional translator provides the solution.
  2. Official language of many international organizations – Portuguese is the official language of many international organizations such as European Union (group of 28 states), Organizations of American States, Mercosue, ECOWAS and African Union. These organizations work on international levels with certain protocols. The translating of documents, which are of international importance, is an arduous job and cannot be done by a novice. For this, one should outsource it to an extremely trustworthy source that could carry out it with high degree of professionalism.
  3. BRIC – BRIC is the acronym of the group which refers to the countries: Brazil, Russia, India, and China. According to a recent survey, Brazil and China are out of the most emerging markets in many aspects. These countries have umpteen work opportunities with a prompt and secure growth. Portuguese is the official language of Brazil and a part of China i.e. Macau. To start a business in a foreign country is not an effortless chore. With the help of a trusted translation service, you could easily associate with the local crowd. It will lend a hand to make a swift entry into the global market.
  4. Three A’s of Outsourcing Translation Services – Affordability, Access to professionalism, and Accuracy are the three A’s of outsourcing translation services. It is affordable as compared to recruiting an in-house team of translators. Hiring is a cumbersome process, which takes tons of effort and investment. It provides access to professional translators with wide-ranging experience. The outsourcing of translation services helps to have accurate translations. This is predominantly essential if the documents are legal or business related. No one wants to jeopardize his business by having unprofessional translators.
  5. Future Prospects – As per a recent survey by UNESCO, Portuguese is the highest growing language in European Union after English, and has the highest potential to grow as a foreign language in southern Africa and South America. Portuguese is the global language spoken officially in 5 continents and as a second language by millions. This information gives an idea of how exponentially Portuguese is growing. With such a growth, a well organized translating system should be there to support it.

With millions of speakers across the globe, and with such high potential of growth, Portuguese has emerged as one of the most translated languages. Outsourcing of unfailing translating services serves as a back bone in this state of affairs. It is extremely cost effective, time saving and a must have tool for global business markets. It provides a complete solution for all the language associated requirements.


Mayflower provides the following Portuguese – English Translation Services:

  1. Portuguese to English Translation
  2. Portuguese to English Localization
  3. Portuguese to English Voice-over
  4. English to Portuguese Translation
  5. English to Portuguese Localization
  6. English to Portuguese Voice-over

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