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The AI Playground (AIP) is a cutting-edge tool crafted by Summa Linguae Technologies, designed to empower users in exploring and harnessing the capabilities of large language models (LLMs) for diverse processing tasks.

Leverage the power of LLMs to analyze, annotate or generate data in bulk.

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Leverage the power of LLMs with our experimental tool

Summa Linguae Technologies has designed the AI Playground to leverage the power of LLMs and help you analyze, annotate, or generate data in bulk starting from your tsv or csv input file.

Enter your API key from your preferred LLM, create and refine prompts and then get started annotating your data. It annotates up to 500 rows of data and multiple files can run in parallel.

LLMs currently supported are ChatGPT, Claude, and Mistral, but there’s more to come. In order to use the tool, you need to have a valid API key from one of these LLMs.

Watch this demo to learn what you can do
in the AI Playground

AI-Driven Play: Leave the work to us

Because different LLMs vary in quality and output, the AI Playground supports multiple LLMs so that you can compare the quality between them.

All LLM processing is done by AI without any human intervention.

If you are interested in services including help with prompt creation, guaranteed human annotation with Project Management and Quality Control, human labeling, tagging or evaluation of AI output, and many other services, please contact us at sales@summalinguae.com.

We offer multilingual AI data services with human touchpoints.

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