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Looking for a highly autonomous role with the opportunity for fast career progression? Want to work on innovative language and technology projects? Join our diverse and fast-growing global team!

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Our mission is to spark constant innovation. We enable each other to take full ownership of everything we do.

We stay dynamic and challenge ourselves to master new skills—while having fun along the way.

Working at Summa Linguae Technologies

At Summa Linguae, we’re passionate about language and technology. We provide data solutions, localization, and managed services to many of the world’s biggest companies.

Here’s a glimpse at a day in the life at Summa Linguae!

Work from Anywhere

While we do have physical offices across the world, we also give you the added freedom and flexibility of doing your job from anywhere.

Eight Global Offices

Our headquarters are in Krakow, Poland. We also have offices in Canada, the US, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, and India—plus many people working remotely.

Photo of our Polish office.

Our Culture

At Summa Linguae, we take company culture seriously! We strive to grow our team with people who not only share our values, but who contribute to, champion, and live our culture every day.

Feedback & Recognition

We value open and honest communication. Through 1:1 meetings, engagement surveys, and company-wide huddles, you’ll have tons of channels to have your voice heard.

Career Development

We're here to help you grow. Develop your skills through SLT University, the SLT Mentorship program, conferences, events, and more.

Giving Back

Our team is dedicated to giving back to our community. We participate in charitable and environmental initiatives year-round.

Team Events

We hold potlucks, BBQs, games nights, and more in each of our locations. We also hold virtual events to stay bonded remotely across the world!

Fitness & Wellness

We value your mental and physical wellbeing. We hold global fitness challenges, monthly virtual wellness sessions, and more to keep your mind and body moving!

Benefits & Perks

Competitive Compensation

We make sure our team members are fairly compensated for their proven skills, demonstrated abilities, and the value they add to our team.

Extended Health Benefits

Your health and happiness is our priority! We offer extended health benefits, wellness resources, and a healthy work-life balance.

Career Development

We support your learning and development—because our power is in our people! From our newly launched SLT University, to attending conferences, to additional development funding, there are plenty of opportunities to level up your skills.

Volunteer Opportunities

We encourage our team to volunteer their time to causes that matter to them. Need a few hours off to volunteer at a local non-profit? Let’s talk about it!

Team Events

From retreats, to potlucks, to happy hours, to video game nights, to fitness and wellness classes, we host a wide variety of local and global team events—both remotely and in person.

Living Our Values

  • Value Creation – Make an impact

  • Agility – React swiftly to change

  • Lean Mindset – Work smarter, not harder

  • Innovation Braveness – Push boundaries

  • Data Driven – Focus on results

Our Team by the Numbers

Summa Linguae Technologies embraces a diverse and inclusive work environment and treats all collaborators with respect and equality. Read our full Diversity & Inclusion statement below.


Full-Time Staff


Nationalities & Languages


Gender Split


in the Americas


in Europe


in Asia

Want to join our awesome team? Check out our current job postings below.

Current Job Openings

Diversity & Inclusion at Summa Linguae Technologies

Summa Linguae Technologies embraces a diverse and inclusive work environment and treats all collaborators with respect and equality. SLT’s culture seeks to create a safe and welcoming space where everyone can come to work as their authentic selves every day. We are committed to keeping diversity and inclusion top of mind in our work which encourages every collaborator to add value to the organization.

What Diversity Means at SLT

By embracing diversity, SLT welcomes all people as employees, clients or collaborators, no matter their gender, ethnicity, age, or sexual orientation—just to name a few.

What Inclusion Means at SLT

SLT defines inclusion as ensuring that our diverse base of employees can all contribute, and be appreciated for, their contribution to our business, development and agile culture. We implement inclusive hiring and workplace practices to attract a diverse workforce. We implement policies, and procedures against discrimination and harassment and promote equal opportunities within the SLT group of companies. It remains a top priority for the organization to develop and implement inclusive practices globally.

What SLT will not tolerate

SLT has a zero-tolerance policy for practices that go against the goals of diversity and inclusion. Physical and psychological violence in the workplace in the form of harassment, bullying, or discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated.

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