Corporate Sustainability & Environmental, Social and Governance Policy


ESG is primarily a risk management and investment framework that seeks to evaluate financial risks that environmental, social, and governance factors pose for an organization’s value – it adopts an “outside-in” perspective. Corporate sustainability focuses on the impact an organization has on the planet and society and thereby an “inside-out” perspective.


Summa Linguae Technologies’ (SLT) ESG policy framework strives to empower all stakeholders to initiate sustainable policies and practices. The CS & ESG policy at SLT outlines all business practices related to environmental, social, and governance issues.


Our employees, our clients, our community and the environment around us.

SLT is committed to integrating ESG factors in its operations and we focus on matters that are meaningful to our industry.

Overall Sustainability Objectives:

  • Driven by the core values – VALID
    • Value Creation – Make an impact
    • Agility – React swiftly to change
    • Lean Mindset – Work smarter, not harder
    • Innovation Braveness – Push boundaries
    • Data Driven – Focus on results
  • Ethical corporate standards and behavior through a robust “Code of Conduct” Policy
  • Become the trusted partner for our clients by providing customer satisfaction
  • Provide high standard of service by implementing ISO standards
  • Become the preferred employer through a DEI approach to hiring, with industry benchmarked compensation and growth path
  • Expect the same standards from our supply chain by following a robust vendor onboarding process
  • Encourage employee led initiative in communities in which we operate leading to individual social responsibility
  • Promote people health and data safety and security by following all local compliance in all our locations

Environmental, Social and Governance: What do we mean?


These are standards surrounding the use of energy resources, procedures for waste management, and impact and efforts toward slowing climate change. SLT’s resources work remotely and have a huge impact on reducing carbon emissions.


Social criteria examine how companies manage relationships with employees, suppliers, customers, and the communities where it operates. As a Language Service Provider (LSP), the very nature of our business is diverse and multicultural. Our core translation activities help businesses promote understanding and belonging, both internally and externally.


Governance deals with corporate leadership, payroll, internal and external audits and checks, and shareholder rights. SLT provides services to highly regulated industries like healthcare, legal and financial services, ethics and compliance among others and our core services are related to translating sensitive documentation that is subject to multiple rules, regulations and restrictions. ESG related controls and procedures, cybersecurity and regulatory compliance are mandatory for customer success.


Hybrid Work Culture (Work from Anywhere Policy)

  • Remote work option in all our locations is aimed towards reduction of travel emissions and thereby reduce carbon footprint
  • Reduction of annual consumption of electricity and water
  • Reduction of waste generation
  • Communication to employees on guidelines to follow while working at office for business-critical reasons
  • Continued communication with employees to understand their needs while working from home.

Technology and digital modes of communication

  • Working and communicating with internal and external resources across the globe, to provide linguistic services, using digital tools which reduced both travel emission and carbon footprint

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI Policy and Code of Conduct Policy)

  • SLT welcomes all people as employees, clients or collaborators, no matter their gender, ethnicity, age, or sexual orientation
  • We have numerous nationalities represented in our offices and we value diversity in all its forms
  • Summa Linguae embraces a diverse and inclusive work environment and treats all collaborators with respect and equality
  • SLT has a zero-tolerance policy for practices that go against the goals of diversity and inclusion. We have a zero tolerance policy for any physical and psychological violence in the workplace in the form of harassment, bullying, or discrimination

Learning and Development (Learning and Development Policy)

  • In addition to hiring talent from different geographies, we also retain and raise awareness of diverse groups through SLT-University, our inhouse Learning and Development initiative where we conduct training on DEI
  • Our Internal Mentorship Program connects our employees with our leadership and provides a channel of creating and developing people leaders

Social Responsibility and Employee Engagement (Culture Handbook)

  • We encourage multiple employee led initiatives by providing support to local NGOs and communities via donations, employment opportunities etc.
  • SLTs management always leads from the front during any global crisis. For example, SLT worked along with EO-Poland and provided support to Ukraine.

Health and Safety (Labour compliance and Culture Handbook)

  • SLT is compliant with national requirements for health, safety, national labour and social security laws
  • Employee health and safety training and guidance is conducted is all geos and mandates attendance from all employees
  • Mental wellness resource sharing and awareness sessions; Virtual fitness training sessions are conducted at regular intervals by internal and external facilitators

Annual Compliance Training (ISO and ISMS Certifications)

  • Training on topics related to data protection and privacy is conducted on a regular basis
  • SLT is ISMS complaint and ISO certified
    • ISMS 27001
    • ISO 17100
    • ISO 9001

Corporate Governance (Code of Conduct Policy, C-SAT and Employee Engagement Survey)

  • Ethical Business Practices: We are committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards in all our interactions. We conduct business transparently, uphold anti-corruption practices, and comply with all relevant laws and regulations.
  • Board Diversity: We work toward achieving a diverse and independent board of directors to ensure effective oversight and decision-making.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: We engage with stakeholders including clients (C-SAT), employees (Feedback), investors, and partners to understand their expectations, concerns, and suggestions regarding our practices.
  • Compensation Benchmarking: Compensation in all entities of SLT is based on the local market benchmark and is annually revisited and updated

Supplier Code of Conduct (Freelancer Agreement)

  • Each of our Suppliers is required to conduct themselves and their business with the highest degree of integrity and abide by the guidelines and principles as part of the Supplier Contract
  • Legal obligations: Suppliers must conduct their employment practices in full compliance with all applicable laws, rules, directives and regulations of the countries in which they operate, in addition to any contractual commitments.
  • Anti-Corruption and Anti-Bribery: SLT does NOT tolerate any form of bribery or corrupt behavior within its Supply Chain.
  • Transparency: We understand requirements around ESG-related disclosure controls and procedures, cybersecurity and regulatory compliance, and provide the required details to our investors and clients as and when required.


  • We are committed to being transparent with our investors, employees, and other stakeholders about our ESG initiatives, successes, and goals
  • Annual data related to ESG is being reported since 2019 and is being submitted to SLT’s investors

For additional information on ESG, please contact:

Madhuri Hegde (COO)


Madhu Sundaramurthy (Global HR Director)

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