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Build better AI solutions for your customers with high-quality, multilingual text data.

Summa Linguae Technologies works with top level companies to train, test, and enhance Machine Translation and Large Language models while maintaining the right level of human touchpoints.

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Our Current Focus: Multilingual AI Data Services

Our team of linguists and subject matter experts can boost your AI with clean data for machine learning and evaluations of produced output.

We specialize in data for NLP applications like machine translation, speech bots, and classification and search systems. We customize solutions to deliver optimized training and testing datasets.

Tell us your needs and we will develop unique tools, engage the right people, and find the optimal solutions to match them.

Human Assisted Data Collection

Collecting and generating data in more than 100 languages, creating golden sets, document collection and creation.

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Text Data Annotation

Annotating, labelling, tagging, and enriching text datasets.

Data Analysis and Fixing

Analyzing large training datasets, and detecting patterns that cause issues. Supporting low-density languages and managing domain-specific limitations.

Evaluations for Machine Learning and Large Language Models

Contrastive evaluation of LLM output and MT, prompt creation, translation and testing in various languages.

Large Language Model Fine-Tuning

Validation of sources, annotation for sensitive content, data creation and summarization, QA.

AI Tools

Creation of AI filters, RAG, QA systems, creation of comparable LLM output – AI Playground, for example.

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What makes Summa Linguae different?

Here’s why many of the world’s most successful companies turn to Summa Linguae Technologies for their data collection needs.


We provide full end-to-end data collection services—including project management, collection, post-processing, annotation, and delivery.


We’ve developed custom tools and processes that give us the flexibility to collect data to meet your exact requirements.

100+ languages

Collecting and generating data in more than 100 languages, creating golden sets, document collection and creation.


Machine learning feeds on high-quality data. That’s why our data is heavily reviewed for quality and collected to your exact specifications from the start.


We don’t have tools for every task imaginable, but on our production platform, and thanks to our ingenious developers, we can make new tools faster than anyone else.


Summa Linguae is a trusted partner to many of the world’s most prominent emerging technology companies.

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    Data Collection

    Summa Linguae collects a wide variety of data for AI-powered products, including fitness wearables, voice assistants, autonomous vehicles, and more.

    Speech Data

    Custom speech data in over 35 languages, flexible to any acoustic or scenario setup—from inside a car, in a recording studio, or at a dinner party.

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    Image Data

    Train your computer vision product with unique scenario setups or remotely collected images of faces, traffic, handwriting, documents, and more.

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    Video Data

    Enhance object and facial recognition technologies with videos of human interactions, traffic patterns, and more—in naturally occurring or highly controlled environments.

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    How have we collected data?

    In-Person Data Collection

    Projects with complex requirements—like a specific microphone or camera—are best-suited for in-person data collection.

    We travel across the world to collect specialized data in different languages and countries. We’ve recorded data in cars, warehouses, while athletes trained, and even at dinner parties.

    If you need a specialized scenario with specific requirements, we can make it happen.

    Remote Data Collection

    Need lots of data—and fast? Your project is likely best-suited for remote data collection.

    We’ve built the technology to quickly gather a wide variety of data from a worldwide database of diverse users from our proprietary mobile app.

    Whether you need thousands of speech samples in a particular accent, pictures of receipts in a specific country, or videos of everyday life, Summa Linguae can provide high-quality, thoroughly vetted data to suit the needs of your project.

    Data Processing

    It doesn’t end at collection. We provide full data processing services to hand deliver perfectly annotated data.

    Multilingual Speech Transcription

    Our native transcribers provide accurate phonetic transcriptions according to your unique requirements—including custom noise-markers and segmentation rules.

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    Data Labeling & Classification

    Once transcribed, the speech and video data is tagged and bucketed into various domains. Everything is classified based on the product’s feature set and scope.

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    Image & Video Annotation

    After image or video collection, we can annotate the objects within each given image or frame—based on your requirements and needed file formats.

    Testing for Emerging Technologies

    Once you’ve built your AI-powered product, we’ll help you test your device in the hands of real users.

    Speech Recognition Testing

    Test the accuracy of your speech recognition products with validation data from 35+ languages.

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    Usability Testing

    We’ll test your product in a natural setting to bring to light potential issues before your product hits the shelves.

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    Out-of-Box Experience Testing

    You only have one chance at a first impression. We test the user’s first interaction with your product in real time.

    Requirements Testing

    Validation data sets, automation and manual testing and more to evaluate your product in a pass/fail setting.

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