Call Center Data for AI

Building a contact center AI? Summa Linguae has a catalog of off-the-shelf call center data sets available in a variety of languages. And if we don’t already have the data you need, we can collect it for you.

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High-quality data

All recordings are verified for quality, available as 8 kHz wav files.

Multiple languages & dialects

Data sets are evaluated for speaker nativeness and regional dialects.

Industry domains

Some data sets are available for industry-specific domains, such as retail, sales, or medical bookings.

Call Center Data Collection Services

Summa Linguae Technologies offers pre-packaged or custom-collected call center data to help power your contact center interfaces.

We offer phone conversations, text chat transcripts, or any other unique scenario you may require. And we do more than collection, we can also provide full annotation, classification, and labeling services.

For more information about our full capabilities, explore our Data Solutions.


hours of data

from unstructured call center conversations


languages & dialects

of pre-collected data sets, with the capability to collect more


audio files

scrubbed for personally identifiable information, with transcription services available

Available Call Center Data Sets

The following call center data sets are readily available for purchase. Personally identifiable information (PII) has been redacted from all recordings, so these data sets are ready to use for your solution.

Interested in one of the data sets? Just fill out the contact form below and we’ll be in touch for a quotation.

Martin Sander

Manager of Research Data, Nuance Communications

Summa Linguae Technologies has provided exceptional services to the Data Collection team at Nuance Communications, Inc. They have supervised large scale data collection simultaneously in three different countries, consistently delivering quality data on or ahead of schedule. And this was done twice in short order – in Europe and in Asia. Our continuing relationship with Summa Linguae is a great asset to the company.

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