Summa Spotlight – Analú Martínez

Last Updated December 10, 2021

Welcome to the Summa Spotlight series. Here, we’ll introduce you to various team members who’ll share where they’re from, that they do, and what it means to them to be part of the Summa Linguae experience.

Let’s begin with Analú Martínez, a Localization Senior Project Manager based in Vancouver.

Analu is relatively new to Canada, although you wouldn’t know it by talking to her. Used to the city life of Bogota, Vancouver seems more spacious. She ended up in Canada due to desire to live abroad and experience other cultures. Summa Linguae first drew her attention with our Data Solutions team, although she ultimately ended up on the Localization team. The other thing that seemed appealing was Summa’s dedication to diversity and acceptance of diversity as an advantage.

Analu is trained yoga teacher and has taught some of the wellness classes. All our teammates are invited to participate if they want. The wellness sessions range from yoga to breathing to mindfulness. It can be an excellent way to start or end your day, depending on your timezone.

Careers at Summa Linguae

At Summa Linguae Technologies, we’re passionate about language and technology. We embrace a diverse and inclusive work environment, and treat all collaborators with respect and equality.

We also strive to grow our team with people who not only share our values, but who contribute to, champion, and live our culture every day.

If you’re curious about joining our team, head over to our careers page to see which positions are available. We can’t wait to meet you!

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