Language Support: The fourth wheel for a diverse, ubiquitous workforce

Globalization and the changing workforce

One of the significant challenges faced by globally diversified companies is managing operations based in several countries and establishing a seamless communication between teams which speak different languages. For human resources departments, translation and localization services are as important as technology is to the development of the company. Language translation is essential for global companies to deliver tailor-made multilingual HR support.

Diversity in the workplace improves strategy and competitive advantage. It induces a flavour of uniqueness, driving the organization towards progress and success. Boards today are inclined towards having a more diverse population, as multi-ethnicity brings in a greater range of talent without restrictions of borders.

How does diversity help your organization

Global organizations need variety in the workforce to help them cater to the demands of their mixed customer base. McKinsey & Co. and other researches have shown that racially diverse organizations outperform industry norms by 35% (Source:

Advancements in technology and access to an affordable Internet connection have reshaped workforce by making work processes more streamlined and enabled smoother performance. Real-time collaboration used by MNCs facilitates an easier workflow; reduces paperwork, boardroom meetings, travel expenses et al. With technology, communication on a global level has never been easier. Pooling expertise from different countries has become easier than before.

Multilingual staff can help your business reach a more diversified customer base. Now that there are multicultural populations across the globe from all walks of life, a multilingual workforce will help you tap into a diverse audience which might not otherwise be aware of your service or product due to language barriers.

Role of HR in successful workplace practices

Role of the Human Resource function is getting transformed. HR documentation is becoming more employee-centered, adaptive, and resilient. The HR teams are strategic partners to managers and executives, contributing to business plans and objectives.

HR resources can be deeply knowledgeable, advocating an employee with methods of communication, empowerment, goal creation, team building, and individual learning & development. Human resources also provide overall management strategies, development opportunities for employees, assistance programs, problem-solving and much more.

Importance of language translation in HR

When you are a multinational company with non-English speaking employees, Human Resources need translation services. They use specialist HR translations in ensuring that geographically spread-out workforces do not turn into pockets of confusion, but work seamlessly despite language differences.

Translating policies, employee manuals, information, documents, newsletters and videos require effective translation. Documents translation must be done with accuracy to avoid confusion and indiscretion.

Achieving and successfully managing heterogeneity in the workforce has proved to be difficult in various stages, most of all in the department of language. Multi-language HR support is the priority requirement of such organizations. HR Translation Services is essential to overcome language barriers in a global organization with a multilingual and multicultural workforce.

In a global scenario, language undoubtedly impacts business operations and its results. Language translation improves employee engagement and retention. Achieving goals becomes a more significant challenge with language barriers; it also affects the compliance and regulations set by the organization. An effective HR translation service increases the effectiveness of communication, employee performance, job satisfaction, a better understanding of processes and employee retention.

When an organization makes an effort to train its employees in their native languages, it not only ensures the right understanding of the organizational policies but also shows that the organization cares about the employee’s growth and development.

How does diversity aid in increased productivity?

Diversity in the workplace is a game-changer for many companies when they are working towards globalization. Cultural and geographical diversity is not just about the company’s reputation anymore; it is about the competitive advantage a diverse workplace brings. Varied perspectives enhance creativity to ensure faster problem solving and in turn increased productivity.

Different experiences bring in fresh ideas, making the organization a melting pot of innovative thinking. Combining new creativity and innovation leads to faster problem-solving and informed decision making. Better decisions achieve better results.

Enterprises should not shy away from language barriers; instead invest in special translation services for HR, to be a part of the global league, bringing in success to the organization across global markets.

Diversity, when fueled by the right HR translation services add to the company’s reputation and brand, opening doors to new markets, customers and newer business relations.

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