Translation entails interpreting a text in its source language and subsequently rendering it into the target language while preserving the original meaning.

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International communication – why translation is worth the investment

In practice, translation is more than just translating from A into B. For every entrepreneur, a presence on international markets is a great opportunity to attract new customers and develop a stable position in their particular industry. International communication managed by experts not only allows enterprises to cross physical borders, but to gain the trust of potential partners.

Translation – in business, language is not just about words

In order to translate, it is not enough to know a foreign language – translators should also have a perfect ability to speak their mother tongue, familiarity with grammatical complexity, and an awareness of the intricacies of the customs, traditions and culture of a given country. Only then will the translation be deemed professional.

Translation may be used for general texts as well as specialist materials, including medicallegal, technical, IT, business and financial texts.

Translation – price list

The price of a translation depends on several factors. Since each language project is individually priced, Summa Linguae does not have a fixed price list for translation.

So what does the translation price depend on?

First of all, the language. Translation agencies divide languages into 3 groups. The first one covers popular European languages such as English or German. The second group includes less popular ones, while the third group comprises the most exotic languages, often with non-Latin alphabets.

The price of a translation also depends on its topic. Specialist translation is more expensive, because in addition to language fluency, its production often requires highly specialized expertise in a particular field.

Delivery deadline also matters when it comes to pricing translations. Therefore, each project is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Summa Linguae Technologies is an agency with over 20 years of experience. Since 2016, we have been operating internationally – you can find our offices in Romania, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and India. This allows us to guarantee high-quality translation into most of the world’s languages. We cooperate with specialists in each industry, carrying out large language projects for major international corporations.

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