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We test your products with real users to make sure you’re ready to launch in your target markets.

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Is your product ready for your target markets? We offer localization testing for web, mobile, software, and hardware.

Guaranteed Quality

We verify the accuracy, consistency, and overall quality of your localized product with your target audience.

Reliable Usability Testing

Linguistic and functional testing go hand in hand. We take care of both.

Our Localization Testing Services

Localization testing is an integral step of any localization task—whether it’s for web, mobile, or software localization.

Our localization team will perform functional, linguistic, and cosmetic validation to test your product inside out. Our goal: to bust the bugs before your users do.

Why is localization testing necessary?

Localization testers verify that your localized content is linguistically correct, culturally appropriate, and that it fits within the context. They examine the functionality of your product to ensure proper operation on localized operating systems and supported platforms.

Localization QA testers are the very first people to see the translated or localized product in context and are therefore the only people who can verify its consistency, accuracy, and overall quality.


of multinational enterprises

believe localization is important to increase revenues


cost increase

to fix a missed bug after production


average increase

in iPhone app downloads after localization

We Test Your Innovations

Are you working on a new technology? Not sure how to test it? We design and execute tests for leading technology developers within the fields of motion, wearable, and speech technologies.

Our heads are full of ideas, our hearts are full of passion. Contact us, we would love to hear about your exciting new challenge.

See how we helped Medallia launch their SaaS application in five languages.

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Director of Product, Medallia

A true relationship from day one. The team at Summa Linguae is very competent and knowledgeable and has demonstrated that they partner with us for the long term. They bring us a lot of advice and best practices such as how we can improve our processes and tools to make the localization process faster, better and cheaper. They take the time to understand our needs and set up processes to ensure we get consistency and scale benefit. The end-to-end testing service has proven to provide great results in quality and consistency.

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