Case Study: SaaS Application Localization

Medallia offers a software-as-a-service platform that helps their clients capture and analyze feedback from customers and employees. Customers can give feedback on the phone, in store, online, or on mobile devices, which is turned into valuable insights in real-time.

Using Medallia’s solutions helps their clients make smarter, more informed daily decisions, build better customer relationships and improve company culture.

The Challenge: Localizing Software for New Markets

Planning to launch their software application in five new markets, Medallia wanted to localize their platform into German, French (France and Canada), and Spanish (Spain and Latin America). Over the course of seven months, there were 11 software packages to localize in total, including client facing and internal content.

With a scope that increased over time, the challenge was to keep the messaging and quality consistent and to ensure the localized product fit the needs of each of the target markets. The interactive data-driven web platform also needed to be tested meticulously for consistency and UI compatibility.

Our Approach: A Focus on Efficiency

Our approach to localizing Medallia’s application included a balance of automation and quality.

To create efficiencies in the localization process, we leveraged translation memory tools and automatically identified errors before the localization testing process started. This included using checklists to mitigate issues before the translated text was imported into the platform. We also developed scripts that handled a variety of file formats and markup across the different elements that powered the application.

Although we relied on automation wherever possible, high-quality messaging remained our top priority. To ensure Medallia’s brand and messaging stayed consistent across all target locales, we established glossaries and style guides which evolved continuously as new components were added to the platform.

The Result: 30%+ Translation Cost Savings

Working collaboratively with Medallia, we were able to create efficiencies over time that lead to translation cost savings of over 30%, getting more and more efficient with each wave.


Words translated




Localization test cases


Director of Product at Medallia

A true relationship from day one. The team at Summa Linguae Technologies is very competent and knowledgeable and has demonstrated that they partner with us for the long term. They bring us a lot of advice and best practices such as how we can improve our processes and tools to make the localization process faster, better, and cheaper. They take the time to understand our needs and set up processes to ensure we get consistency and scale benefit. The end-to-end testing service has proven to provide great results in quality and consistency.

Our Localization Solutions

Summa Linguae Technologies builds custom localization solutions for different enterprise needs, using our expertise in different technologies and tools in the language industry. We accommodate on- and off-site project management needs and build quality assurance teams to support today’s enterprise language needs where one size no longer fits all.

Whether you have existing linguistic service providers or not, our localization solutions team will provide the expertise to make sure all pieces work well together and your organization is using the latest technology and the right talent.

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