Post-edited Machine Translation

Post-edited Machine Translation (PEMT) refers to machine translated content that’s post-edited and revised with human touchpoints.

PEMT helps in translating high volume, simple, and non-creative content in shorter timelines, while the edits by the linguist give you the desired readability.

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As a service, PEMT is most effective for the translation of documents like:

  • RfPs and RfQs
  • AP and invoice processing
  • Helpdesk and ticketing systems
  • E-commerce product descriptions
  • Social media content

Other services associated with machine translations include Creation of Corpus (TMX) from bi-lingual legacy documents, cleaning translation memories and development and maintenance of machine translation engines.

What Makes Us Different

Here’s why Summa Linguae Technologies is the language service provider of choice to many of the world’s most successful companies.


We provide full end-to-end localization services—including project planning, data collection, translation, quality assurance, and localization testing.


We tailor each of our projects to the exact needs of our clients, whether you’re a small startup or a Fortune 500 company.

Diverse Expertise

We have an active global network of experts in any subject or language, allowing you to expand into any new market.

Quality Control

Our primary goal is to bring results to your business, which depends on high-quality, thoroughly tested projects.


By managing every aspect of the localization process, you’ll see fewer friction points or bottlenecks than you would with multiple vendors.


Our focus on scalable infrastructure and technology has made us the trusted localization partner to many of the world’s most recognizable brands.

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