Product Localization

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Today’s global tech users expect a products in their own languages, especially if they intend to use it regularly.

When products are made available to the user in their native language, it creates a better customer experience.

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A complete product localization cycle involves:



Resource bundles, help manuals, script installation, and product information.



Localization of user guides, admin guide, helps guides.



We test for functionality and linguistic continuity.

Beyond Translation

Product localization goes beyond just the translation of the content into a user’s language. It should also take into consideration the linguistic accuracy of the translation, layout, the programming codes used for development and user experience.

Product localization is also not just about process, but a project that is usually realized by a team of experienced project managers and domain expert translators in accordance with the developers.

Summa Linguae Technologies specializes in product localization while taking the target market, users, industry and programming language into consideration.

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