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Why should you consider multimedia localization? How will websites, animations, graphics or videos improve after adjustment to the requirements of a foreign audience?

Multimedia materials are a popular addition to websites, applications or presentations. They are designed to attract or maintain the attention of the recipient, to interest them or to diversify their viewing experience. They are a great channel of communication with the recipients due to their universal application – they work both as a creative marketing solution and as interesting educational materials. If you use multimedia to communicate with your audience (current or potential customers or employees), remember to translate and localize them.

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Video and audiovisual translation

The length of all videos published on YouTube per day amounts to 65 years. Cisco estimates that by 2020, nearly a million minutes of video content will cross the internet every second! The value of video as a marketing channel is increasing and there is no indication that this trend is coming to an end.

Videos as a means of advertisement or learning is not an option, but a necessity. 81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool as per Hubspot. To take your message global, you need the right localization strategy in place.

Video translation is an audiovisual task, which requires experts in many fields. Each video is a project consisting of several layers of graphics, soundtracks and text. When ordering translation of videos, it is worth remembering that each of the above-mentioned components requires translation and localization. A full language localization process can guarantee you a high return on investment on multiple markets at the same time.

Therefore, our services are not limited to the linguistic side of the project. We will identify the components that require slight adjustments. We will add subtitles to video tutorials in many languages, record professional dubbing, and help you choose the right layout for graphics and animations so that a recipient from a different cultural background may find them interesting.

Sometimes translation is not enough

In most cases, our clients are aware of the importance of high-quality translation of multimedia content. However, at Summa Linguae we approach this service in a much more comprehensive way and we also offer localization – i.e. the adaptation of content to new linguistic and cultural conditions.

At Summa Linguae, we offer:

Be it your eLearning courses, television series, commercials, explainer videos or product demos, Summa Linguae Technologies specializes in video localization services in India as well as globally. Our top-notch language and video quality with an extensive network of resources and efficient project management team ensures the complete delivery of all aspects of video production such as right voiceover services, subtitling services, and integration processes.

Case Studies

  • Client
    One of the biggest producers and service providers in the electronics / telecommunication industry
  • Scope of work
    The Client was in need of various linguistic services to help them improve and implement new algorithms in their devices. That included services like voice-over, software testing and other.
  • Project’s details
    • Industry: electronics / software development
    • Languages: English, Spanish, Italian, German, French + Canadian French
  • Challenges
    – Parts of the projects required 24/7 availability from our project managers to handle the team of linguistic experts from around the world. – Most of the services were directly tailored for the Client, they were improved and adjusted in the process. – Parts of the projects required very narrow skillset from the resources.
  • How we do it
    – We created teams of linguistic experts, voice-over talents and software testers dedicated to this project alone and assigned the most experienced project manager to oversee it. – Our resources were working in the Client’s offices as well as remotely from their locations. – We created teams responsible for small parts of assignment at a time, i.e.: creating dialogues mimicking real life conversations in social media, words validation etc.
  • Effect
    Our cooperation with the Client is still ongoing. So far we have recruited over 300 new linguistic resources, including those specializing in rare languages like Welsh, Scottish Gaelic, Sesotho, Zulu and others. The Client’s feedback has been very positive so far. They emphasize our project management as one of the biggest advantages of the cooperation.

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